Item 47

Item 47

SHIELD agent Sitwell is assigned to recover an abandoned Chitauri weapon being used by a young couple robbing a bank

SHIELD agent Stillwell is assigned to recover an abandoned Chitauri weapon being used by a young bank robbing couple . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Item 47 torrent reviews

Andrew S (es) wrote: A must watch for any MUFC fan. Beautifully filmed documentary about these talented players as they entered the youth team together and in 1999 pulled off the magnificent treble. Funny, heartwarming and cheerful.

Rasik T (kr) wrote: Probably the most impactful documentary ever made in India!

Bike G (es) wrote: This is the first documentary about the true side of Ataturk. Until today, what we knew of him was what we have been taught. This film takes us to the deep down inside of him, him not only as one of the great leaders of all times, a soldier, commender, revolutionarist but also a normal human being (just like us) with feelings. I found the film very touchy.

Se7enth A (us) wrote: A BBC gem. A colorful well cast period piece with a great look at London theatre scenes during the Restoration of the monarchy in England in the 1660s. Women are forbidden to perform on stage and any female part of a play must be performed by a man .Stage Beauty contains hilarious bawdy and sophisticated humour. It is stirring to watch because Billy Crudup is completely convincing as a bisexual English thespian. He possesses the flirty female moves, he has got the five gestures of female supplication down pat and he looked fabulous in a gown. He happens to be the queen of the London Stage, until King Charles II(a fantastic Rupert Everett) changes the laws.

Moni K (nl) wrote: Silly movie but watchable.

Sarah L (ca) wrote: Quiet film that is a delight for the senses.

Bradley K (jp) wrote: A very odd and difficult drama to watch, though strangely compelling thanks to the careful pacing and intriguing visual non sequiters.

Anthony C (kr) wrote: This movie is hit and miss, mostly the latter. The gems in the film, TLC & Bernie Mac. Mac is ridiculously entertaining and comical (in a scary, fun-loving way which works best for him.) TLC (or should I say "Sex As A Weapon") are fun, vibrant, and energetic (ala TLC's trademark).

Camden N (kr) wrote: *possible spoilers*Not too bad, but not particularly good either. It's reminiscent of the awesome italian horrors that came out earlier in the 80's, but with a definite Japanese twist: this means sex scenes with squealing Japanese girls, a random rape scene, bizarre death scenes, and a batshit ending. However, in the end it's not really as impressive as the films that it imitates. The murder scenes, for instance, are not particularly graphic or creative, leaving less of an impression than your average slasher film. Also, it makes the mistake of killing off most of the cast right away, thus killing most of the suspense. The photography and imagery was great at times (my favorite scene being the foggy morning scene where the killer drags a certain person's body out of a car). It was all pretty mundane until the end, when we find out who's pulling the strings.

Dylan C (es) wrote: A brilliant film. Nice and simple. Giannini is fantastic, sad he might only be remembered for Hannibal. How much of us is our nature and how much is our upbringing?

Veslemy H (mx) wrote: Hellig film i Norge, av en merkelig grunn. Men man kan ikke ha en jul uten den filmen. Har sett den s lenge jeg kan huske, og jeg vil helst se den til jeg dr og. Kan det norske utenat og begynner lre med det sjekkiske n og. Nr det er julaften og filmmusikken til denne filmen blir spilt, er jeg GANSKE fornyd.

Tim K (br) wrote: Don't think. Just rent.

Ahmed M (br) wrote: It doesn't seem to keep your attention for awhile, it gets a bit interesting but than boring once again and keeps on repeating that cycle, till the movie is over.

Brynn H (ag) wrote: cute romcom. not bad, but not great.