Iti 'Mrinalini': An Unfinished Letter...

Iti 'Mrinalini': An Unfinished Letter...

An award-winning aging actress reflects on her life while writing a suicide note.

An award-winning aging actress reflects on her life while writing a suicide note. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Iti 'Mrinalini': An Unfinished Letter... torrent reviews

mIcAh eUnIcE r (gb) wrote: kinda scary but I love the story.. Fascinating..

Trevor L (es) wrote: A must see for anyone who is entering the teaching profession (like myself).

BenRiley83 (gb) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen!

Daphne L (gb) wrote: How can you not love McDull?

William (gb) wrote: It was good. It's about the Lyndon Banes Johnson Presidency and the Vietnam conflict that happened during his administration. It was good and I'd recommend it, if you like presidential movies.

Eric C (br) wrote: It's not an especially great example of filmmaking technique--it sort of feels like your cousins' home movies of their vacation. Except that your cousin in a blind blues singer from San Francisco whose vacation is a trip to the very center of Asia in order to compete in the triannual Tuvan throatsinging festival. I enjoyed it very much.

Tracey B (nl) wrote: this was my movie alot of people just aren't into movies and missed out on funny movies

Logan M (ru) wrote: The story has potential, but "Housesitter" forgets to be funny.

Dyurka P (de) wrote: One of my favourite drama films. When I saw this film i felt in love with India. Some day, I hope I could visit that marvellous continent: India.

Andrew C (br) wrote: Above average movie on Ian Fleming the author of the James Bond series, some great filming locations.

Glenn C (es) wrote: I'm indulging in some Ozpoitation cinema at the moment and Dead Kids is a forgotten gem I highly recommend all horror buffs see. It's a strange mash of cultures. It's an Australian movie filmed in New Zealand and set in America with an American cast. Scientific experiments in a small town turn all of the children into homicidal maniacs. It's a gruesome and depraved film with some of the sweetest gore you'll see. When released the movie was banned in various regions and was blacklisted as a Video Nasty. There's loads of flesh, severed limbs and one fucking massive needle in the eyeball. And here's something for the tweens, Twilight: Breaking Dawn director, Bill Condon, wrote Dead Kids. Ozploitation WIN!

Jane R (mx) wrote: There are Mad religious people out there, but Jim Jones was an insane charasmatic leader. Horrific story that turned out to be true.

Greg N (ca) wrote: A movie that will make sense to anyone who has been in an unhealthy relationship that just wouldn't die no matter what happened. Good acting and directing all around but what a pessimistic ending.

chris a (ru) wrote: more of a monster mash for cult nerds, nightbreed bring a lot of things clive barker is well known for... frightening monsters, hell, and just plain down in the dumps. but an interesting plot explaining the story behinds the monsters makes for a fun film to watch. Yes it gets way off track at times and david cronenberg's character is off the rocker, but it's fun to watch none the less

Jay K (de) wrote: Spielberg in complete control of his vision.