Itni Si Baat

Itni Si Baat

One day while travelling on the BEST bus in Bombay, Raja produces a 100 rupee note to buy a 50 paisa bus ticket, and is made fun of by the bus conductor, and asked to leave the bus. Asha, who is travelling on the same bus, pays for his fare, and he tells her that he will re-pay this loan after he gets some change. He does not get the change, and instead loses the 100 rupee note, but makes his way into Asha's heart. Both fall in love, and get married. They live in harmony for several years, and become proud parents of two children. With their growing family, Raja's income is just not enough to make ends, and Asha decides to get a job. Raja decides to stay at home and look after the household chores, and the kids. What happens is that there is chaos at work for Asha, and at home for Raja, with alround hilarious results.

One day while travelling on the BEST bus in Bombay, Raja produces a 100 rupee note to buy a 50 paisa bus ticket, and is made fun of by the bus conductor, and asked to leave the bus. Asha, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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