In 1909, British belle Ivy Lexton meets older, rich Miles Rushworth; undeterred by the prior claims of her husband Jervis and lover Roger, she goes after Miles and has no trouble fascinating him, but oddly enough he has compunctions about making love to other men's wives. The means Ivy reluctantly adopts to resolve the problem of too many men promise disaster for all concerned.

An Edwardian belle meets a rich bachelor, but what to do about her husband and her lover? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William C (de) wrote: Not a bad depiction of what could happen if Yellowstone ever goes up. I completely agree with how the 'media' in this was shown, at one time - over 30 years ago, the 'media' had some responsibility, that time is past. When Yellowstone does erupt, America may very well cease to be a nation on this planet for many years, and may never recover it's former level.

Jacob D (gb) wrote: The start of something great, but they were still getting some stuff figured out.

Jody K (ru) wrote: It wasn't worth the wear on the blu rays lazer lol

MJS M (ag) wrote: This film about a French missionary?s journeys among the Algonquin?s during the colonial era has often been called a Canadian Dances with Wolves, but this story is a lot bleaker and probably more realistic than that Kevin Costner vehicle. The main character is a frustratingly stubborn religious fanatic who never realizes the damage he?s doing by trying to convert the Native Americans to his ways. It?s very well made and it conveys the period quite well. However, the acting is a bit weak and the story itself doesn?t really go much of anywhere. It gets an ?A? in the historical reenactment department, and probably a ?C? in the narrative storytelling department.

Amber B (au) wrote: better than 'Lost in Translation.'see it instead

Gillian M (es) wrote: This was my favourite movie as a child. I watched it every time I went to stay with my aunt and uncle. :)

Anthony V (kr) wrote: Let's see.... Malcolm McDowell.... Lou Reed.... I'm in.

Sean S (kr) wrote: A tense thriller drama from Hitchcock and proof that he still had it after Marnie (1964). Tries very hard not to be by-the-numbers as an undercover agent and his wife try to escape the Iron Curtain of Europe undetected. The climax of the film was echoed rather closely in Best Picture winner Argo (2012), which nobody really picked up on--an oversight if ever there was one.