Shankar Verma lives a poor lifestyle with his mom, Shanti, in India after His father, Sathpal, leaves the family for a courtesan by the name of Meenabai. Years later, Shankar has now grown ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Shankar Verma lives a poor lifestyle with his mom, Shanti, in India after His father, Sathpal, leaves the family for a courtesan by the name of Meenabai. Years later, Shankar has now grown ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick W (ag) wrote: horribly slow and boring. almost ZERO action and I was glad when it was finally over

Hans H (nl) wrote: Insidious provides a horror film that manages to be both scary and entertaining at the same time, homaging genre classics while never forgeting to be its own, original movie.

Panayiota K (es) wrote: i thought it was going to be funny instead of boring. and the ending was sweet but cheesy

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JJune N (ag) wrote: loved it great storyline

brendan n (it) wrote: interesting and fun for the most part but some silly plotting and conclusion never really work. seagal works well in a supporting role but dennis hopper is in hammy form nearly killing the film dead in its tracks. cheap film made quickly never overcomes the maze of a plot before it.

Bill R (it) wrote: Meh. Should be called "The Asshole"

Nick D (us) wrote: A window of time trnasporting us back to the most innocent period of films. Not a piece of art, but a classic.

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Veronique M (nl) wrote: This movie is good for the audience it was written for which is actual LGBTQ people who had to struggle with people who rejected them. This is a movie about the emotional journey the people go through when they go from rejecting a relative for being gay to accepting them. It is something that people do in real life. So this movie is NOT about the story, its about social interactions and evolving into a more mature and complex being. If you don't get what I mean by this, do not watch this movie, go watch something lighter like But I'm a Cheerleader.Honestly it tears me apart that people let a little predictability hurt their views on a movie, a realistic story will ALWAYS be predictable. Humans are predictable because we evolved to predict how other humans will act. WE need this trait to live in a society. So YES a movie about how REAL humans act will be predictable. Actually had to remove a few insults from this review because of how mad I am at the other reviewers.THE GOOD:- highly relatable to those who had to come-out to close minded people- realistic depiction of various types of reaction you get from a coming out- diverse characters and multiple social interactions between them- the story focuses on social interactions and doesn't reduce being gay to just a sexual thing like so many other movies are doing. - the casting doesn't make anyone stick out like a sore thumb reminding you suddenly that you are just watching a movie. Overall good performances across the board.THE BAD:- intro and outro could have had better editing- the pacing can be a little slow but I have severe ADHD and was still able to follow.- because of its focus on social interactions the plot feels a little like what you see in video games (diverging story lines) it can be hard to follow to those used to a single classic story line. (however: this type of plot works better to develop on social interactions)- about once during the movie, the music felt a little out of place but it never became too annoying, just a minor flaw here.

Sandrine A (ca) wrote: Unexpectedly enjoyed the story, the romance and the weird zombies.