Jaali Note

Jaali Note

High-minded and hardworking Inspector Dinesh Kumar (Dev Anand) is assigned to crack the case of a notorious band of counterfeiters. Risking life and limb in pursuit of the criminals, he goes undercover to infiltrate the gang and bring them to justice. Along the way, he finds romance with a beautiful journalist (Madhubala) and makes a shocking discovery that resonates with personal meaning.

Inspector Dinesh goes undercover in order to infiltrate a gang that is counterfeiting banknotes. In the course of his investigation he becomes romantically entangled with a female reporter ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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probowl 4 (br) wrote: Enjoyable movie about the stresses of an NFL Draft Day. Kevin Costner's performance is solid too with a delicate amount of heart and passion. Definitely recommended for NFL fans, those that are not will most likely not relate and/or understand it.

Dave J (de) wrote: Monday, December 2, 2013 (2013) Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks COMEDY ROMANTIC MYSTERY DRAMA This movie is like 1 point above from being a negative for me since the scenario is hugely unlikely but it's done on the most subtlest terms without the viewers having to cringe often shown in Nicolas Sparks movie adaptions. Written and directed by Bryce Clark starring Ben Banks as Ben Banks who's a slacking pot head who's interested into becoming a news reporter. And he's working for the college paper and not taking other courses. So the college paper's boss hooks him with an reporting assignment, and if he doesn't do it he won't get any journal credits. He meets and falls for Amy Warner played by Mischa Burton who also has a dark past as well which he manages to get her out of. Because I was able to watch this movie at home, I was able to use my fast-forward button while playing onto many cringe worthy songs/ soundtrack which should've contained music that Ben Banks likes listening to which is the 'Stone Temple Pilots' etc.., but because this film has a tight budget and that song rights would have contained the movie's entire budget- they had to resort to pointless has been no-name music artists. Take my word for it, the songs are not worth listening to but the situations regarding earning Amy's affection is somewhat well done and many times better than what anyone can see from a Nicolas Sparks movie. And what are the odds a stoner like Ben Banks is able to solve a mystery way before the police. 2.5 out of 4

Sean H (it) wrote: The movie is really good in my opinion. The movie will bring you happiness and sadness. I don't wanna give to much away but Jennifer love Hewitt and Betty white play a good role in the movie . It's the perfect movie for Valentine's Day . And for the whole family. The people who haven't seen I recommend it because it's a vary good film .

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James M (jp) wrote: Despite the romance between the two leads being a little unengaging and hurried in the beginning, Stphane Briz's Not Here To Be Loved is a touching little film.

Amanda H (es) wrote: As a whole, I really can't rave about this movie because it's incredibly dry and slow moving. But Eddie Redmayne's performance makes it well worth sitting through. He's twisted, pitiable, evil and charming all at once, and he pulls it off very well. I wish the whole movie had been half as good as he was, but this is definitely worth sitting through at least once.

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Tim R (nl) wrote: One of the craziest must see horror movies!

The Movie G (br) wrote: Not one of the best Tarantino flicks but is an interesting one.

Joe M (nl) wrote: Dreadful. Just dreadful. As suspenseful as a wait in a bus queue. The cast of Chosen Survivors 'phone in their performances, while the almost nonsensical script plods along with an awe-inspiring predictability. The whole package is presented in such a serious and "adult" manner (not least the rape scene, which is just downright insulting to women) that it fails to possess the innocent charm of a good, dated B-movie.

Rod A (it) wrote: What an honest, thought-provoking film! Rohmer explores human nature without arriving at pat conclusions. The affair depicted in the film simultaneously evokes lust, anxiety, frustration, and relief. As we watch Rohmer's work, we are forced to assess our own response to the situations on the screen, as if we committed the acts ourselves.

Frances M (us) wrote: This was a funny movie but interesting

Brandon M (ru) wrote: Basic: Marlon Brando plays Terry Malloy, a confused, homeless person, who used to be a fighter, but now, he's working at the docks, which its run by a mob-boss name Johnny Friendly (Lee J. Cobb) and Terry's brother Charley (Rod Steiger) is Johnny's right hand man. The beginning of the film, we see a character named Joey, who's got throw off the cliff by Johnny's gang, and Terry somehow was actually responsible for his death. Then, Joey's sister, Edie (Eve Marie Saint), and Father Barry (Karl Malden) plan on finding out who murdered Joey.My full opinion: The memorable scenes between Marlon Brando and Eve Marie Saint, Elia Kazan's assured direction, and Leonard Bernstein's unforgettable score are my three main reasons of why I really like this uplifting, entertaining film. 10/10

Tom H (nl) wrote: Poirot again is called upon to solve the unsolvable. A good film, just as good as the orient express.

Danielle G (it) wrote: I wanted to like this movie, I really did. I couldn't get over the fact that a school counselor knows her friend is having sex with a minor and then parties with her students throughout the movie with absolutely no intention of acting on her legal duty to report them to the authorities. And then they want the audience to believe the principal wouldn't let her resign because of this?!?! Once again, Hollywood paints a terrible picture of educators and how we live our lives.