Jaan Ki Baazi

Jaan Ki Baazi

A girl is saved by a young man this experience brings them together. Their union faces obstacles in the future.

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Jaan Ki Baazi torrent reviews

Heather M (au) wrote: Catchy tunes, great animation, and a very funny story make this fine entertainment for the whole family.

CDD248 (gb) wrote: Not sure why there are bad reviews. We enjoyed learning about this incident. The story is true, and brought the danger and risks of war to the screen. Men, from the captain to the swabbies, who served in WW II and served on a dangerous mission that ended in disaster after they accomplished their mission. Without their sacrifice, the bomb might not have happened in Hiroshima, which ended the war.

Darren B (nl) wrote: Many times bad acting and good horror go hand in hand. This one just...stunk. The acting really ruined what might have been an otherwise watchable independent horror flick. The story/plot was pretty unique so it's got that going for it, unfortunately the few (possible) spooky scenes were drowned out by crappy dialogue and overacting. Meh.

Tom T (br) wrote: would give it a one and 1/2 but had some good effects and i like rob zombie, wasnt feeling this though

Natleen M (es) wrote: I want to see it so bad

Robert G (fr) wrote: Definately better than the second one!

Jeff S (ca) wrote: Such a funny comedy film. Great piece of Sarah Silverman's act. The movie is broken up with stand-up, musical numbers and little like skits. It was put together weird, but was very funny. Like her show (which has sadly been canceled) it is edgy and racist at times, but she doesn't mean it in a racist way if that makes sense.

WS W (nl) wrote: I think I see the points the film tries to address; but it just fails to execute the complicated ideas in good balance.

Sayantan C (kr) wrote: beutiful and great movie the 5th best srk movie behind ddlj mohabatien veer-zaara and chak de but seriously great

katrina p (de) wrote: omg awsome and agnetha the blonde one rocks

Jessica B (kr) wrote: Martin Lawerence is awesome in this movie!

Vyacheslav K (gb) wrote: While it has some funny scenes, I don't think I will be seeing it again anytime soon. Just a very forgettable movie with decent acting and not a terribly exciting plot or premise.

Roy W (br) wrote: Ragamuffin is a compelling drama that is effective, if flawed. Rich was a close friend of mine. I knew him from college and beyond. The thread the film focuses on is perhaps the major theme in his life. The redemptive arc is both authentic and compelling. His demons are depicted, less so his angels. Rich was incredibly complex. He was playful and impish and significantly less verbally moody than depicted in the film. But, he did have an overwhelming angst--it's just that he mostly didn't talk about it. It came out in his music, in his rants at his concerts, and sometimes late at night over beers (or Long Islands). He was also fun and funny and incredibly irreverent. He loved being radical and controversial. He would say something shocking for mere joy of watching the reaction he would get. He would also give his stuff away. Not just a little bit or it...a lot of it...and all the time. And where ever he went, what he didn't give away, he left. He couldn't remember to take it with him. Stuff didn't mean much to him. He was curious about life; he was always learning and pursuing a million projects and ideas. His sorrow, for the most part, was below the surface. Above the surface was an overwhelming infectious spirit of joy and love and participation in life. Rich was nearly always present. He was passionate and involved. He deeply loved the people in his life and it was easy to become one of the people in his life. But, the darkness was there. It did drive him. And his darkness and longing had little to do with getting the right girl (this is the films biggest trivialization-though he did have some heart-breaking romances). Rich was always "longing for a shelter that is larger than this room." He quietly moved with an understanding that "this world in not my (his) home." If you want to make a movie about his life, then the darkness that he mostly suppressed had to be elevated to a place where it could be seen and redeemed. The film does this well. The movie affects people when they see it. Many are driven to confess, or at least talk about their own imperfection and struggle. Rich was a ragamuffin and so is this movie. Ragamuffin is a flawed, brilliant, inconsistent and ultimately inspiring film. The flaws with the beauty capture the spirit of Rich. It could have perhaps captured him better. There was certainly a whole lot more to his life than what was depicted. But the filmmakers got a good deal of it right. And the parts they got right were among the bits that mattered most.