Jaani Dyakha Hawbe

Jaani Dyakha Hawbe

A young musician and a model have the same dream together, and they meet and fall in love at a bookstore. When their relationship starts to fall apart, an out-of- work magician steps in.

A young musician and a model have the same dream together, and they meet and fall in love at a bookstore. When their relationship starts to fall apart, an out-of- work magician steps in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jason a (fr) wrote: An entertaining way to watch the Christmas Carol in Smurf-form.

Bob W (kr) wrote: Not exactly the same story as the famous book, but fine in its own right. Raises good existential questions, strong ending. Unfortunately it paints a picture of college life that is so far over the top insane as to misrepresent and mislead protective parents.

Lori B (kr) wrote: I am not entirely sure what to make of the Russian film, "12." It's based on "12 Angry Men," and it shares many of the same plot elements. But the characters and their stories seem to be uniquely Russian. There are some areas where the story falls apart for me a little, and I'm not sure if it's because the Russian criminal justice system is so different from the American one or if the director (who also wrote the screenplay) is taking shortcuts for the sake of expediency.. But the jurors' parts all ring true, partially due to some stellar acting, and partially due to some pretty suburb dialogue. In the end, I can't exactly rave about it, but I can't dismiss it either.

John A (ca) wrote: A thought-provoking film from Romania about a police officer looking to do the right thing in the face of what he perceives to be injustice within the system. The film works on both a personal and a political level as the central conflict reveals differences in how the officer should conceive of his job. The contemplative style of the film underlines the monotony of the detective's job while providing the audience an opportunity to really appreciate what he's trying to do. Excellent film.

Sam G (au) wrote: This was the best documentary I've seen in a long time. Raw, dangerous, real and touching, this brought me to understand something of a country I knew nothing about. It showed the personal and drew a line from that right to the highest level of government, exposing the injustices of real life in Haiti.

Atteli09 (ru) wrote: Charlotte Gainsbourg , Charlotte Rampling

Paul C (br) wrote: A film that gets funnier on repeated viewings. Slater and Campbell help the proceedings considerably by playing with a straight face, leaving the lion's share of the comedy to a host of British TV comedy talent - the best for me being Harry Enfield as a tight-as-a-ducks-arse King George VI and Phil Cornwell as a cockney bully-boy Martin Boorman.

Robert C (fr) wrote: for this KIND of film it's above average (avg being a 3). I was solidly entertained. I just had my first rewatch since it came out almost a decade ago. Fun to see some actors in this that i discovered later (Gerard Butler, Michael Sheen, and the Merovingian from the Matrix). It is NOT a 12% movie.

Sarah B (ca) wrote: Loads of fun, if nothing else. My passion for Tsukamoto will never fail me.

Jon H (nl) wrote: A strain of LSD distributed around Sanford University in 1967 leads to horrifying consequences years later for all who took a hit of it. Fairly ahead of its time, as this sounds more like an 80s movie. Worth the price of a rental (if you can locate it in a rental outlet.)

Nicolas P (br) wrote: Sentimientos encontrados: buena adaptacin, un clsico indiscutible, trasmitida por muchos canales y recordada por todos. Contraparte: el tema grfico, sus dibujos como tal: carecen de carcter artstico y no tienen la grandeza que otros aspectos del mismo film.

Ross T (jp) wrote: Good realization on my part that I finished high school when I did, would be much harder in this day and age for sure!

Jay S (mx) wrote: Anyone else wondering where the chocobos are? Nevertheless the swords and other paraphernalia and lore that goes hand in hand with the RPG universe of Final Fantasy? I'll tell you where... No where. Why? It seems clear to me this movie wasn't made for Final Fantasy, but to push the lies and ideas of belief in Gaia and in pantheism spirituality that can not save. So millions of FF fans went and saw this crap and had their heads filled with false ideas, albeit, while wondering, "Where are the chocobos?" I first saw this film as a teen in the 90's when it hit theatres, and I must say, the CGI is INCREDIBLE for the time. But still, that can't change what this movie really was. And it also wasn't that enticing to watch and had a blandness to it throughout, in spite of so many big name actors doing voices. No need to watch again.

Yoru H (kr) wrote: Every time I watch this movie it makes me smile. The comedy with horror and witty banter always brings me back for more.

Sarah F (jp) wrote: I love this movie too! I can watch this one over and ver and not get tired of it!