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Art B (fr) wrote: How does a son deal with a father he didn't know who is a legend when he has have a good portion of the very same talent as your father, but almost nobody knows it.? This film deals with that dilemma in a most satisfactory and interesting way. . I am old enough to have heard Tim Buckley's original albums as news albums, and somehow I didn't know how great a singer he was until I heard Once I Was in the late 70;s film Coming Home. Tim Buckley had the voice of god. And his son Jeff had arguably the same quality voice, but grew up not knowing his father, who died at 28. So this story connects their lives, and I think does a good job. It dramatizes the son's burden effectively, and does a commendable job of presenting a balanced look at the man who was the father. Then actor who sings some of Tim Buckley's parts should have just thrown in the towel and lip synched to the originals though, as no living mortal can recreate THAT voice. But Penn Badgley covers Jeff;s vocals very well. This is not a minor point, as the vocal gifts this father and son had are central to the short lives they lived.

Dave T (us) wrote: Great little documentary which explores our obsession with celebrity and how we are programmed to want that for ourselves. Of course it will get ignored or battered by large sections of the press but it's a well researched film and a must see.

Cameron R (mx) wrote: the first movie is SEVERAL times better, but I did love the jazz club shootout at the end of this one, it was freakin epic

Shib Shankar S (au) wrote: A short, sweet and sad tale told with ultimate affection. The last farewell will leave you heartbroken. It is the helplessness of desperate times, heartlessness with some bit of random kindness in between. The plot could not be any simpler than this, but the characters are the most endearing even in this minimalist work. They have been believable and realistic to the truest sense and you have to feel for them

Marcin T (it) wrote: It's much like polish "The Dark House"... very brutal... full of pointless voilance... no happy ending...

Hannah D (nl) wrote: While I found this quite confusing, the creepy atmosphere and constant tension really held my attention. This is a really high quality psychological thriller.

Bailey C (it) wrote: This was the one book Stephen King has repeatedly said he believed was too scary to be published. In my opinion, this is perhaps the darkest of all the immensely expansive library King has to offer his avid (and rabid) readers. So it's really no surprise that it translates into one of the most simply terrifying movies ever made.There really aren't any particular things that could be pointed out as to why this movie is scary, because that's exactly why it is scary: you don't know what's going on or what's going to happen and a deliciously eerie environment is set up right from the get-go. The frights may take a little while to come but once they get to you, they are relentless.

Karsh D (kr) wrote: Quatermass meets the blob. Some shocking images, given its age, but let down badly by the ending.

Logan M (au) wrote: A new kind of mafia film, "Eastern Promises" struck me as a Russian version of "The Godfather" with a fittingly grim nature.

Semmi A (nl) wrote: Here Comes the Boom was a fricken awesome!