Rohit, a Gujarati, studies the life of Anthony Firengee, and in the process meets with a mysterious man Kushawl Hajra.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Bengali,Gujarati,Portuguese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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The plot refers to the life of Anthony Firingee (Hensman Anthony), a 19th-century Bengali language folk poet of Portuguese origin. Also, the plot has two different time periods-19th century... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jaatishwar torrent reviews

Johnny L (mx) wrote: It has clever things to say about America's culture of faith and is full of humor for those familiar with the church scene.

Caleb N (jp) wrote: "Hey guys, you know what would make, like, such a cool ending for this so far great film?""Yeah, what?""...aliens!"*silence for a second*"FREAKING BRILLIANT, JIM!"

Johnny A (nl) wrote: Brilliant movie!good songs good acting hood thriller!!!!

ali c (au) wrote: well not bad for a sci fi movie. of course it followed the general plot of all cheap movies: dragon or various beast attacks small town, all insignificant characters get munched, and the in- love couple saves the day.

JY S (br) wrote: Joe Ma's Sasori is a rough remake of the "Sasori" film series from the 70s starring Meiko Kaji. How does this film turn out? Good, but not great.The story revolves around revenge and Joe Ma takes the time to add some Kill Bill flavor to it. The camerawork is excellent; however, when mixed with the mellow soundtrack, the film becomes really dramatized with characters that aren't as interesting as they should be. This isn't to say that this is a boring film, as the 95 minutes don't take an eternity to pass.There is a good amount of intense violence, but the climax for most of these scenes take place off screen or is cut away from, leaving those few seconds to the imagination. The action in the first half is all brawls in a female prison, while the wire fu marital arts unleashes in the second. It's unfortunate that there isn't more of it because the choreography is quite good.Miki Mizuno's lead performance is acceptable and so is the rest of the supporting cast. Simon Yam's brief role is one to look out for.Sasori isn't original and it isn't overly impressive. Still, there is enough to make this worth watching.

John B (mx) wrote: This is a great movie. The action is awesome. Wu Jing really has some great martial arts talent and his acting ability is pretty good too! I can't wait for all his other movies.

Alex F (es) wrote: Great thriller about a mass murderer and how it became one of the hardest cases, driving people insane, which the movie portrays perfectly, the pacing feels a bit choppy at times but the great script and performances compensate it, making a great mystery solving thrilling movie that always keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Jarrod R (kr) wrote: Good story, dull storytelling....3 Christopher Lloyds

Mikey S (kr) wrote: This movie is a fun and funny movie This is aultimate B-movie w.w.b.c.d.

Connor R (fr) wrote: Highly compelling thriller even with such a small budget.

Keith O (au) wrote: Wasn't bad. Ben Affleck had a weird ass haircut.

Lucas W (mx) wrote: A highly entertaining film about what is basically a video game come to life, which ultimately goes out of control and starts killing everyone. I love this movie, I loved the idea and the idea was executed amazingly in my opinion. The acting wasn't the best by most, but I always love Ethan Embry and he was great in this too. The effects seem a tad dated but for the most part it's actually not too bad. The "cliffhanger" ending made it seem like you could have a sequel through the vein of Child's Play 2's ending playing into Child's Play 3, but as a standalone film the "cliffhanger" was actually really goofy and bad. The overall ending seemed a bit rushed at time as well, but as I said the film was very entertaining. I would actually recommend it to most people who want to watch a unique and fun scifi horror. 7.5/10

D M (gb) wrote: A rather fantastic look at this crazy little man. Everyone knows the basics of this story, but this documentary went beyond what the headlines and pop-culture taught us. Basically a prison interview (conducted by Nikolas Schreck) inter-spliced with footage from the points of interest in Manson's life. Its strange, but after listening to him talk for a few minutes I think I can get gleaming of where he's coming from. Though painted as a hippie by the press, he hated the hippie culture. I knew of the connections with celebrities like the Beach Boys and others, but did not know of the connections to Anton LaVey (who also hated hippies). He was basically a dirt-bag his whole life and happened to find some dumb young (some are still dumb) lasses who wanted to help him start the apocalyptic race war. How'd that work out for ya? Interestingly Manson is hailed from both fringes of the Left-Right spectrum.

TonyPolito (es) wrote: There's a true story here well worth telling - which is why TCM ran it. However, despite its stellar and robust casting, this film is totally uninformative and unentertaining - which is why TCM ran it in the middle of the night. A group of 1939 Jews are set sail by Hitler in search of asylum, to prove the world doesn't want them. Though it saw the night lights of Havana and Miami, the ship ultimately disembarked into Western Europe just before its occupation, effecting the deaths of 600 of the passengers in the camps. Weak dialogue and irrelevant fictionalized characters/subplots yields up 90 minutes of "Airport" on water, then another 40 minutes of it while harbored. The American denial gets a two-minute treatment. No European disembarkation even shown, just the Captain's brief announcement of it. Fin.Top-notch talent on deck trying to float this script, but it's still dashed upon the rocks; only Captain VonSydow's earnest delivery comes close to keeping this leaky ship above water. Still, the viewer would have to search far and wide to find this many established names under one title. A boatload of industry notables scored at least a steerage ticket; Laura Gemser, once the soft-erotica "Emmanuelle," briefly appears as Orson Welles' roulette table arm-candy. The casting budget's clearly inflated by set-piece scrimping - and most of the actors were told to bring their own ready-to-wear whites. A viewer hoping to become informed on this moment-in-history will fare far better by a few minutes of Googling. After becoming duly informed myself, the film just seemed to drag like a two-ton boat anchor. RECOMMENDATION: There's a condensed glimpse of an amazing roster of talent here - albeit working only at paycheck-speed - but that's the only real cargo on board.

andres g (gb) wrote: great........ movie i love it

Al S (ru) wrote: Fantastic Movie!! I forgot how good it is! Unbelievably good musical - the dancing alone is extraordinary!! This film is an ultra-refreshing break from the "requisite foulness" that dominates so many films made today. Anyone - regardless of age can watch this film and will come away with feelings of amazement, happiness and respect for the actors, musicians, writers, et al. Contrast this with the ??? sickening feeling caused by today's broken mindset. A mindset which is born out of our broken culture - caused by the broken society in which we are forced to exist. For example, there are no celebrations of the R+++++ sickness that exist in Hollywood today and used in films that are hailed by some critics as being the "new gold standard" of films! No "politically correct" values that are celebrated and flaunted as they are in the daily media. What the people that made Singing in the Rain do with dance and music is purposely created for GOOD. Singing in the Rain is a shining example of that "GOOD" movie making of the past instead of the lazy, non-creative films of today. No violence for violence sake, no cliched sex scenes that run rampant in the films of today. These "obscene scenes" of today are being used as filler by the lazy minds that make these films - because they don't have the talent to find a much more interesting, creative way of doing them. Some still go the extra mile, and I applaud them for the real creativity that exists in their work!!!

Samuel H (ag) wrote: A masterpiece of storytelling. A must see for film viewers and critics alike. The real story is about Ruth and Idgie, not Evelyn. The acting is superb, the emotional tug is just as strong. A wonderful movie.