Jack Irish: Black Tide

Jack Irish: Black Tide

Life's gone pear-shaped for Jack Irish (Guy Pearce). He's back to takeaway Chinese for one after his girlfriend Linda (Marta Dusseldorp) abandoned him for a career in Sydney, a flashy Brisvegas type is muscling in on the racetrack action, and his cabinet-making still leaves a lot to be desired. So when an old teammate of his dad's turns up looking for help, it's a welcome distraction for Jack. Des Connors' (Ron Jacobson) son Gary (Nicholas Coghlan) has gone missing, having nicked off with all Des's money. But sometimes prodigal sons go AWOL for a reason. As Jack begins to dig he discovers Gary was a man with something to hide and a very good reason to disappear - or be disappeared. .

Jack Irish has no shortage of friends, but family members are few and far between. His wife was murdered by an ex-client and his father is a fading photo on the pubs football wall of fame. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott S (fr) wrote: Outstanding. I can't imagine a harder novel to develop into a film. They succeeded with part 1.

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Fong K (it) wrote: viewed on 3/7/04 (Sat)I gave this movie a miss. Why? Romantic comedy that builds its plot on beautiful coincidences. A copycat of Sleepless in Seattle? Sell that to a romantic die-hard fan. When later I knew that the always very critical Entertainment Weekly gave this movie an A grade, ... I was intrigued. I watched this in one lazy afternoon and it was drizzling. Good time for some sweet romance. Still, I would love to slam down any mushy romance anytime. But I was charmed... so deeply charmed, even though it has all the trappings of Sleepless in Seattle. The costars will not meet again until the end of the show. The madness in pursuing a stranger. The coincidences which will never happen in real life ... now, wait, this movie actually made me believe that such things may happen among us. It is all in the destiny. You hear that from your married friends, lots more in those hopeless romance books, songs, movies etc. But after watching this, I actually buy this idea. Am I in love too? ... (Shucks, did I say that aloud?)There is one scene I choked on my tears. John Cusack's Jon opens a book and finds the name and number he has been looking for for years. They belong to Beckinsale's Sara. You see, they meet years ago and that is the only clue he can find her back. But it is already the eve of his wedding day. Ya right, what a twist. I see that coming but hey I actually almost cried. Jon takes a long hard look at the name and number, closes the book back and his red eyes could jolly well mirror mine. You expect him to yell and jump for joy but he just cries at the irony of it all. Well, I shall not dismiss crazy things people do when in love 'cos destiny may just play a nasty trick on me, then gives me a silly smile and a wink. Rating: A-

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