Jack Said

Jack Said

Some journeys are measured by what you sacrifice to get there

Jack is an undercover cop infiltrating a criminal gang. Things go pear-shaped when Jack's chancer pal does a runner with a box belonging to the boss and ends up in a perilous situation which threatens to explode into disaster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris H (es) wrote: Cant stop watching these....theyre so good!

Arman A (jp) wrote: a mix of modern day Godfather and Macbeth...great script SUBERP ACTING !!!!

Matthew H (jp) wrote: Maid in Manhattan is a completely predictable, sappy farce, and an okay one at that, but it is memorable. Fiennes and Lopez don't have such good chemistry, but the direction isn't horrible; the flaws in the movie are mostly the fault of the clichd story.

The Movie H (jp) wrote: Rating: -1/10Everyone who has seen this will say the same things that are wrong with this unholy asinine abomination of a 'movie'. The animation is unbelievably horrible, the humor ranges from corny, lame one-liners to bizarre and disturbing, the story is way too overcomplicated and the acting is incredibly bad!

David B (ca) wrote: its no donnie brasco and the ending is a bit of a cop out speaking of cops it would have been nice seeing there view/input in this. instead we have an undercover rogue going after his old neighborhood/friends that dont know hes a cop, pretty much just making things worse. some cast but didnt even realize that was gary oldman

Bruno V (es) wrote: Sorry Liotta , this is not the movie i gonna remember from ...The movie never seems to start on a decent level . SOMDVD

RJ M (au) wrote: The gold standard of Peter Boyle performances. Thought provoking, also.

Brandon W (es) wrote: Bedtime Stories is an ok movie that is just harmless. The acting is fine, and Adam Sandler does what he does best. The premise for this can actually work with a better writer. The stories are a bit creative, even though I seen this before in other, and better, movies. It has some funny moments, but most of them weren't so and are just misfire after misfire. Adam Sandler's character is a bit of a jerk and is more of manipulating the kids so that he can get himself rewarded. The movie is not really that offensive, although Rob Schneider's character might get someone offended even though he's barely in it. With an imaginative premise, this could've been clever and really funny, but Bedtime Stories just ended up not that good, but the kids would live it however and is not going to make them dumber after watching this.

Alejandro L (es) wrote: A George Clooney le gustan las historias de asesinos, y este es una histria de uno de ellos, los juegos mentales, la historia, el descenlace, es cuidadosamente paneado, la pelicula es buena, pero oscura y triste como su personaje. Se puede ver.

STCENTERPRISE (au) wrote: Zulu. The scenery looks more like Utah or Arizona than South Africa. Also the music soundtrack by John Barry sounds more like a western than African. Although the theme music in my opinion was the best part of the entire film.The ending is kind of mediocre as I don't feel quiet satisfied with a resolved solution to the problem. I thought the film did present an accurate depiction of military tactics by both the British military and the Zulu tribes. The film did not explain why the Zulu's were fighting in the first place.I wish more of an emphasis went into character development for both sides because this film just presents what happened with little on expressing their background and personality.