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Jackson Pollock


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Zed C (es) wrote: 4/10 - Wow, I was on a great run of great movies, and that wrecked it. :( The lead actress Hanna Oldenburg, was the only good thing about this flick, as in she is very attractive. I think there was a cool "unknown" story here, but it meandered a little too much before it got interesting. I may watch it again, but since I know nothing much is going on, it'd be a hard second watch. Some nice blood and attractive lead warranted the 4 points it got. Avoid unless you're bored and have 70min to kill.

Rika O (it) wrote: it was good more than expected. good twists. (haven't read the novel :P )

Elnegrito4695hotmailcom E (ru) wrote: cant stop watching this movie

Lee K (ag) wrote: This is obviously a comment on the 'Patriot Act' and our creeping loss of privacy. This has a happy ending (sort of) but if we don't do something ours won't be.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (ca) wrote: He's back, for more action ;O

Alimuaman A (es) wrote: 2 star only for jolie

Xenomorph F (ca) wrote: again, I don't see where all the hate comes from, this was a good dino flick

Matthew L (kr) wrote: I'm not massively familiar with the works of Woody Allen, I know who he is but have never delved into his work, on the back of this I'm still in two minds as to whether I should or not. The plot in itself is enjoyable but I found the loose improvisational style of the acting and scenes at times distracting, the cast were fine Huston, Alda and Keaton but Allen's shtick wore thin very quickly.

R Anthony S (es) wrote: I didn't resent the time spent watching it. Rickman needed a bigger part, though.

Ifiok O (fr) wrote: Nothing like degenerate Muppets to provide both fits of laughter, and fits of nausea. Probably one of Peter Jackson's funnier movies, even if it has jokes done in poor taste and some scenes of graphic violence. And yet, I appreciate the satirical side of show business that this film offers. After Braindead, I rather like this pre-Lord of the Rings movie, Definitely only for those with cast iron stomachs or don't mind musical numbers about sodomy.

Philip S (fr) wrote: Long had promise back then.

Gregory W (ru) wrote: great multiple plot drama that all the story lines intersect

gabriel m (es) wrote: The film has potential and it has it's best nostalgic moments.

Jo M (ca) wrote: if you have not seen this you are missing out. these two are soooo funny together. the story line is pretty good and Queen and Jimmy are awesome in this!!!!

Juli N (au) wrote: The contents of Shirley Jones diapers had more jumps and scares in it than this monstrosity!

Clay B (br) wrote: MOONDANCE ALEXANDER (2007)

Scott H (kr) wrote: The Blu-Ray is exceptional!! The cream of my live concert Blu-Ray crop!

Des S (ag) wrote: I was looking forward to this movie, but was disappointed with most of it. I feel like it didn't really show too much of the affair and instead focused more on the marriage he didn't care for.