Considered by many to be at his best in a live setting as apposed to the studio, Jadakiss is very much in his element in this spectacular set filmed in London in 2005. It features highlights and hits from his recent solo work as well as his earlier recordings

Jada is the faith based story of a woman whose life becomes chaotic when her husband is killed in a questionable car accident. Her once-comfortable middle-class lifestyle comes crashing down when an insurance company labels the accident a suicide and refuses to pay her benefits as the survivor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Namul A (nl) wrote: A movie worth watching over and over again. A mute Ranbir Kapoor teamed up with Autism cradled Priyanka Chopra portraits a meaningful, heart-felt romance. Love needs expresions, which both successfully make it happen. Bollywood need to make movie like this a lot.

Jeff V (gb) wrote: Similar to "The Box" (2009), a couple finds an object which gives them cash when they feel pain. The film feels quite stretched as several different forms of pain are explored. The couple never does learn to care about the pain they inflict on one another, or on others. You never feel that the characters in this fable grow. A few friends and neighbors are introduced and then forgotten.

The Bad G (it) wrote: A new take on the concept of war profiteering. Bulletproof Salesman, a netflix doc about a German armored car salesman in Iraq, is sure to provide plenty of food for thought / discussion. It's not an exceptionally crafted documentary but it's certainly interesting.

Victor M (us) wrote: A French film, comedy and a smart and inventive one. I couldn't ask for more. Visually enjoyable, characters well constructed and full of wonderful absurdities.

Chris G (ru) wrote: The direction is amazing and beautiful but something about Bale's performance irked me. The weight loss was unreal butt how he played the character's attitude towards his situation just felt unrealistic and took me out of the story.

Seth B (fr) wrote: Probably the most powerful film I've seen in some time. It is filled with hard moral lessons that play with your emotions. Little Casey Affleck is really coming into his own as a serious actor. Its hard to believe this is the same kid in the Ocean's movies. Harris and Freeman are nearly perfection.

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 62%Saw this on 13/08/2013 Ladder 49 is an above average movie whose first half is extremely good, but the 2nd half is a bit too derivative. The film's climax lacks an emotional quotient. All the main actors show good acting among whom John Travolta stands out in the first half.

Lucas M (jp) wrote: The undeniable chemistry between Murray & Johansson along with the fantastic plot and warm tone makes this film about a romance of two friends (not lovers) a classic.

House M (de) wrote: This competition about two hitman is a little bit underrated, a lot of great ideas, sometime completely crazy and unrealistic, but the fantasy that surrounds HK films is what it's all about, right? This is not a must see but another should see from Johnnie To's repertoire.

burhan k (nl) wrote: idk any of you but this film is a materpiece and the best film i watched

Gregory W (nl) wrote: good but should be better

Paul A (es) wrote: Both me and my brother fell asleep in the cinema, it was that dull.

Dan C (au) wrote: Atmospheric and perfect in B&W -- love the scenes in Montmarte. Lots of Gauloises and Gitanes, lots of Ricard Pastis.

Barbara G (it) wrote: Judy Garland is great in this & the story is sweet.

Cohen P (gb) wrote: Great Chaplin film. To bad it's so under-rated. I believe it's coming around though and fans are starting to pick up on just how good it is! Even though "Charlie" never makes an appearance, the direction he gives as Charles Chaplin is wonderful and something to see.

Brinn O (ru) wrote: Absorbing and quite chilling. Also features an excellent performance by Jeff Daniels

Andy T (ag) wrote: Powered by Sean Penn's riveting performance, Milk presents a compelling story that focused on something that is still relevant to this day, even when its first half goes on for too long.