Jade Claw

Jade Claw

A young man vows revenge against the killers of his father. To do this, he must train with his father's teacher who teaches him the "Shadow Claw", a deadly combination of the eagle claw and...

A young man vows revenge against the killers of his father. To do this, he must train with his father's teacher who teaches him the "Shadow Claw", a deadly combination of the eagle claw and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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RetroMagFan (kr) wrote: Three pokemon are destroying a peaceful town and Ash and a new Pokemon called Zoroua must stop them. It's pretty much another 70 minute commercial for the TV show and it's just too bland.

ReeRee R (de) wrote: Fabulous film! In Arabic with English subtitles at the Abu Dhab Film Festival. A heartwarming tale of tradition vs modernity. Strong female characters. Would see again!

Claudette A (fr) wrote: An inspirational and moving story about parents quest to build a hospital in memory of their daughter.

Ola G (us) wrote: Morris Bliss (Michael C. Hall), aged 35, wants to travel but he has no money. He needs to find a job but has no prospects. Bliss still shares an apartment with his widowed father Seymour Bliss (Peter Fonda) and the premature death of his mother is still present and has left him emotionally closed. Randomly he finds himself in an odd relationship with the sexually precocious 18-year-old Stephanie Jouseski (Brie Larson), the daughter of a former classmate, Steven 'Jetski' Jouseski (Brad William Henke) and juggling advances of his very forward neighbor (Lucy Liu). Morris static life suddenly unravels and opens up in ways that are long overdue...."The Trouble with Bliss" is a grown up coming of age story, nothing new storyline wise for sure, but this is odd, funny, not 100% coherent and logic, but yet mesmerising somehow. Michael C. Halls loser Morris ends up in maybe things and situations that I might not fully buy, but due to great acting from the ensemble it still works. The idea of being stuck in dreams/hopes and not being able to take action is something we all can relate to. We might need that little extra push from fate that puts us in the right direction like in Morris case and the catalyst in the shape of the cute Stephanie (a great and stunning Brie Larson). Maybe not a logic situation/storyline, but in Hollywood anything can happen. And the same goes for Morris interaction with his neighbor Andrea (Lucy Liu). But, the side story that makes no sense at all in my book is the one between NJ (Chris Messina) and Hattie Skunk/Hattie Rockworth (Sarah Shahi). Its just one big question mark for me, even if it was nice to see a radiant Sarah Shahi. "The Trouble with Bliss" stood out despite its flaws and it entertained me through the running time.

Yash B (kr) wrote: It's not great but it's a movie that will deliver to its target audience. It has decent music but the story is nothing special at all. Really typical stuff from Disney Channel.

Marty K (us) wrote: Not a bad movie at all. Some parts are slow, but nothing too bad.

Don S (jp) wrote: Production values are poor in this supernatural horror movie - from scenes that are so dark they are completely washed out to beads of water on the camera lens while filming the "exciting" surf scenes to scenes that shake so much it is nearly nauseating due to the handheld camera. The story is credible enough, though not enough time is given to the backstory. The effects are fair and the acting is not terrible. Michelle Borth is someone I'd really like and follow if she worked more. Still, not worth your time.

Dax S (fr) wrote: Great series so far, excited for the 4th.

John S (ag) wrote: sally field really deserved her oscar. the original erin brockovich.

Sean N (jp) wrote: This movie seriously sucked!

John T (fr) wrote: One of Val Lewton's weakest works; it certainly pales in comparision to some of his other works: Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie, The Body Snatcher and Ghost Ship. There are, as usual for Lewton, some intriguing ideas at the core of this film, but it's weighed down by an overly wordy script and often shoddy direction, particularly in the brisk, confused pacing and jumpy editing that skips abruptly from scene to scene with a complete lack of nuance. The theme of science versus superstition - a Lewton trademark - is presented only in the most simplistic of terms without any nuance.Boris Karloff provides a fine performance as the tortured general. Caught between the worlds of logic and superstition, in the end he is driven insane a victim of the island's gloomy death-obsession as anyone else. With the exception of Ellen Drew's conflicted young innocent and Helen Thimig's fiery-eyed old housekeeper, the rest of the cast is abysmal and the dialogue is flat and wooden.The one thing this film gets right is the claustrophobic atmosphere which becomes more creepy until the moment of the film's memorable scene: the premature burial. As the camera pulls away from the wooden coffin with no sound other than that of dripping water, the suspense becomes almost unbearable. It is one of the most frightening moments in any Lewton film.

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Selena L (es) wrote: My all time favorite movie!! I wish they would bring it to DVD!