When an innocent young girl finds herself befriended by two sexy, uninhibited girls at a small-town bar, she discovers that they have more planned than just a party-and she's central to the action.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   trial,   court,  

Drama about a pretty young woman who is raped in a most unusual way. There are unexpected turns and surprises in the plot and some characters turn out to be quite different than you'd ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kyo 9 (nl) wrote: too stupid to watch.. skip a lot due to poor script..

Mark A (ag) wrote: A film that investigates intimate relationships, sexual temptation, and work that forces one to deal with uncomfortable personal issues. Alex (Jess Weixler) is an actress whose marriage to Elliot (Justin Rice), a musician, is on shaky ground, although they are obviously in love. Alex gets a part in a local stage production in which she must portray intimacy with her costar, Jamie (Barlow Jacobs), at the same time that Elliot leaves on tour. As the film unfolds, we see issues of trust, suspicion, and jealousy play out before us. Yes, it is not obvious that all this is going on, and there are times when this viewer wasn't even sure who was doing what to whom, but to say it was totally disjointed and incoherent is not fair to the film or the actors. This is not a prettily packaged, predigested bit of pablum. One does have to do some work here to connect the dots, but the film feels authentic, and the emotions are easily discernible. The dialog, unfortunately, seemed awkward rather than natural and was too obviously improvised. The film would have benefited from more direction on that score. The constant micro-managing by the stage director, played by Jane Adams, brought just a touch of humor to the production, just because it was so over the top meddlesome. The scenes with Elliot and his (female) band mate (Jo Schornikow), rather than adding another layer of sexual tension, seemed designed to bring music in as a natural element of the film, rather than as a mood enhancer. And the music, played by the actor/musicians themselves, was actually quite good. This was mercifully short at just over an hour, but seemed quite a bit longer, only because so little action really occurred.

Chris M (jp) wrote: A very nice story with a bit of intrigue near the end. Slow at times, but Shah created an admirable and incredibly humble auto-rickshaw driver who you wanted everything to work out for. I'm glad to say that it did, but maybe not the way that was expected.

Christine M (it) wrote: Loved this true story about a very dark time in America. The acting was outstanding. I give it a '10'.

Eddie S (es) wrote: Sorry can't help myself but I really like Amanda Ooms in this one :D

Pan L (it) wrote: I know it's not a regular film, that it's amateur project by musicians (The Flaming Lips) and their friends. I just couldn't finisih it, knowing it's highly 'unprofessional' of me. Rather watch The American Astronaut, a developed "child" of guys from The Billy Nayer Show, really.

Elaine J (us) wrote: Le premier Ripoux de la serie est le meilleur.

Alinah M (ag) wrote: ive seen this probaby 40 times. it's awesome.

Kenny N (gb) wrote: Half a star. This is rated higher than the original. I'm utterly baffled why. This is one of the most hackneyed, braindead, creatively bankrupt films I've seen in a long time. Sure, the original was no masterpiece, but it laid the groundwork for the slasher genre to come. This so-called "meta sequel" simply rips the vast majority of it's material from the original, and, when trying to come up with scenes on it's own, succeeds only in emulating every bad slasher flick that "Scream" and "Behind The Mask" so successfully made fun of for being as witless and pointless as they are. For one thing, the movie doesn't help us answer the question of "Who was the Phantom Killer?" That question still has no definitive answer, and may never have one. The plot concerns the Phantom's sudden return after 60+ years of seclusion, as he continues his reign of terror. Just like in the original case/first film, his first female victim survives to tell the story. She decides to solve this half-century long mystery all by herself, Nancy Drew style. She hooks up with a creepy, unlikable librarian whom she inexplicably falls in love with, a Texas Ranger named "Lone Star" comes in to hunt the killer down, there's a rogue's gallery of suspects, and of course there's more blood and guts than the original movie ever could have dreamed of. None of it comes together into anything compelling. (Personal nitpick: Two of the Phantom's new victims are two young gay men who have no idea how gay sex works. This scene is played for moronic laughs, and is incredibly tasteless and offensive. Producer Ryan Murphy, co-creator of "Glee" and "American Horror Story," two series acclaimed for their handling of LGBT characters and issues, should have really known better than this.) The original is finally out on Blu Ray. Go see that instead of this. Sure, Sparkplug in the original is annoying but at least the film he's in is the first of it's kind. This one's nothing more than a pale, feeble imitation.

Steve C (au) wrote: One of the best martial arts movies ever!