Jagachya Pathivar

Jagachya Pathivar


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Jagachya Pathivar 1960 full movies, Jagachya Pathivar torrents movie

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Jagachya Pathivar torrent reviews

Mark James A (nl) wrote: ...a searingly passionate, darkly funny and atmospherically suspenseful film. It's a great erotic thriller and a subtle character study with a powerful ending that's genuinely haunting.

Alexander C (de) wrote: ''Don't think about him, he doesn't deserve you. Let's dance''A millionaire and his wife are shipwrecked after a yachting accident with their former servant, Manuel. Kelly Brook: JenniferThree equals Cast Away mixed with Titanic: The Sequel divided by two men and a lady.Kelly Brook gets to flash her body off for the entire film, while making the most of the two men at her disposal. Billy Zane can't act to save his life, and this again proves that his hit Titanic maybe was a fluke.Juan Pablo Di Pace as Manuel is a new comer and you really feel sorry for him that he's been lumped into this shoddy film. Saying that he's got some great love making scenes with Brook, which aren't too bad but this isn't what makes a good film. No plot and no structure, I love Kelly Brook but just having her as eye candy isn't going to fly with me unfortunately.Also contains a voodoo backstory to accompany the near invisible plot but this is mostly irrelevant. The film is simply a blatant excuse for glamour model Kelly Brook to wander around on a beach wearing very little or nothing. There is simply nothing else of interest for our minds to chew on. Pace broods inconsequentially while Zane shows what a bad Actor he is by giving us an American millionaire who can't keep his lines together or a straight face for two seconds.Without a link to normal people drenched world, things start to go Lord of the flies(Adult Version) in isolation, where your knowledge, money and social status mean squat and you are measured by your primal abilities, I.e. hunt for food, build a shelter, the woman truly becomes a trophy as the cabana boy finally has his day, being supreme to the so called Millionare Builder/Designer.Now I believe some people would call this movie thin and question the main trio's proceedings. Well for those sore comments I say, they're pretty accurate. If you want proof to that extent, watch 2 episodes of Celebrity Island. The darker side of people is back-stabbing, oversexed, lying, cheating, provocative... and violent. So why couldn't Three manage to get this across? Director Stewart Raffill was obviously asleep alot at film school to produce this embarrassment.The film results in a scatteringly shot mess, with several glaring continuity gaps and pondering as to the fact, when good old Kelly is going to take her clothes off next makes up the consistency of the dramatic tension. To many lusty males out there, this isn't going to be a problem.For me though Three is a flawed movie that begins just like when it finishes, like a bottle of coke being opened only to realize it's flat. A disappointing effort, which isn't so much a film but more of a Kelly Brook calender session that moves.

Tom K (fr) wrote: Exciting and engaging action. You find it hard to choose which girl to cheer for! This is the more superior one of the two films done for the Duel Project (the other being Ryuhei Kitamura's "Aragami")

Iga M (ag) wrote: Chyba dam sobie spokoj z manga. Nudne. Duzo krwi, duzo slashowania katana, a i tak nudne...

Laura F (us) wrote: After a few years I just watched this movie again and I loved it even more. What a great story and cinematography. For all of those who like foreign movies and haven't watched it, totally recommendable!

Jessica S (ru) wrote: Very heartfelt film!

E L (us) wrote: Eastwood in a comedy? Strange but true. He's mostly the straight man to everyone else around him (including the chimp). Inoffensive if forgettable.

Jess W (gb) wrote: In 1902, juvenile offender borstals were introduced with an aim to reform young offenders through the use of military discipline, training and punishment, with sentences from 1-3 years. However through changes in policy such as the reduction of the minimum age (to 15) and with increase in the numbers of offenders, more emphasis was put on punishment rather than training. By the 1970's "Scum" was made, to show a realistic portrayal of the brutal life inside a borstal."Scum" follows three boys into the borstal system, showing the revelry between the inmates as they aim to fit in and create a hierarchy, were the strong rule and the weak are left to defend themselves, all under the supervision of the wardens (or 'screws' as they are known). "Scum" shows the brutality within the borstals from both the 'screws' and offenders."Scum" has highlighted elements of the borstal system that have subsequently been shown to be ineffective in reforming and rehabilitating offenders such as harsh punishment, no control or autonomy for inmates, military training programs etc.It has been suggested that there is no evidence that military aspects of borstals succeeded in deterring offenders as it did not address issues of violence and therefore tended to support and encourage aggressive behaviour within the units (Mathews and Pitts, 1998). This can be seen within "Scum" as offenders often acted in an aggressive and violent manor towards each other, this is portrayed within many scenes with one of the most prominent being where Carlin emerges as the 'daddy'. Harsh punishment by the wardens within the borstals has been seen to be counterproductive in rehabilitating offenders, because of the severity of the punishment and also because their only adult role models are seen to be violent and aggressive. It is stated by Cullen and Smith (2011) that harsh punishment is incapable of reforming offenders. Within "Scum" it is revealed by Arthur (an offender in the borstal system) that there are "more criminal acts imposed on the prisoners than prisoners would on society"?. It has also been found that positive role models for offenders aids rehabilitation (Wolfensberger and Tullman, 1982), however the 'screws' within the film with their sadistic bullying are not providing the positive role models needed.Also within the film it is shown that the inmates have no control or autonomy, this is demonstrated by the house master, who says to an offender "you don't have to think for yourself in here boy, all the thinking's done for you?". It has since been found that to ensure effective rehabilitation of offenders a small amount of autonomy and control need to be present.The borstal system was disbanded in 1982, becoming the Youth Offender Institutions (YOIs), where more focus was put back onto training, treatment and rehabilitation. Today's system is based round restorative justice's principles and involves various methods of Incarceration, Tagging and Orders, with varying degrees of success depending on programs that are implemented. A program such as Victim Offender Mediation developed by Nugent (2001) provides an intervention for offenders to make amends to the victims of their crime, which has been found to reduce risk of reoffending. Also used are prevention strategies, which aim to identify situational and personal risk factors of offenders to create intervention programs. The most successful prevention techniques have been used multi-method which is fixable and effective in reducing antisocial behaviour but not perfect (Bagley and Pritchard, 1998). These strategies have been included in the new system, however in the borstals the general consensus, as presented in "Scum" was that "talks bullshit, you have to lock them up?"(a 'screw' in scum), where no prevention was considered and the norm was to force offenders into incapacitation (borstals), consequently making them institutionalised, rather than examining and targeting risk factors. However despite the fact that the newer restorative justice models have been seen to be more effective in terms of rehabilitation of offenders (Latimer, Dowden and Muise, 2005), recent social events such as the summer riots of 2011 have lead to a widely held social debate as to whether the current system is too soft on offenders. This has been addressed in the media coverage of the event, suggesting that the "soft" approach hasn't worked in deterring young people from crime, as Antisocial Behaviour Orders and Incapacitation are not perceived as a deterrents, but rather as badges of honour (Halliday and Graham, 2000; Dodds, 2011). It is this authors opinion there is still a great deal of work to be done and more research needed into interventions and preventions, however there is a need to move forward in forensic and criminal psychology and not back to the harsh reality of the punitive system as depicted in the production "Scum".This review was done as part of an assignment for one of my third year psychology models and would appreciate any comments or feedback that anyone would like to leave!

holly r (nl) wrote: One of my favorite comedy westerns.

Brian L (ag) wrote: Every form of cliche has been balled up into a sticky sappy over acted wanna be family contrived dilemma where a lonely widower falls for his brothers girlfriend on a weekend get together. The actors plug away at this awful plot with bad overly burdened dialog that seems to be serious but in true 70s fashion ends in heart felt all knowing smiles and hugs. Ickk!! Two stars because maybe your girlfriend will like it.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Action packed yet flat and boring. Good lead roles sean connery and catherine zeta jones so its worth a look.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Peter Boyle is the show here, easily outshining everyone else... ending went for the sensational (unfortunately).