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Darren D (gb) wrote: Loved it, especially Russell Crowe this movie is completely underrated

Matt G (kr) wrote: Another one of Richard Curtis's charms, surprising not a Rom-com but it still has romance fixed in this ensemble of a film, with a amazing selection of cast, from Hollywood legend of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Brit film royalty of Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans and Nick Frost, Brit sitcom regulars Chris O'Dowd and Katherine Parkinson (happens to both be in the same show) and plenty more to delight a amazed audience, lets go back to when music was at its peak and explore Pirate Radio in such a charmful 60's based Comedy Drama about coming of age, the fight of shutting Pirate radio down and go into see these men fuck around doing what they love most, Play music, have sex, smoke and live how they want to, this film is a true charm and a real tribute to music from the swinging sixes to on-wards.

Robert S (nl) wrote: just as good as the first one.

GuoRui L (ca) wrote: i'm hokkien, but don't really dun understand hokkien! so expect it to bore me.. but its quite good, like their style of humour! wasn't really touched by it though, found it quite draggy at the end..

Lurple J (fr) wrote: A combination of horror and western, Left for Dead's borderline experimental filming techniques, bizarre storyline, and low budget create a very strange final product that may only appeal to a few people.

Johnny F (us) wrote: I watched this is the movies!

Hoyee L (it) wrote: This movie was HILARIOUS especially when Stifler (Scott) goes it to the closet and has sex with Jim's grandmother or when Finch and Stifler competes for the attention of Michelle's sister.

Chris B (ca) wrote: Music is my life, this is a must see!

Roberto B (ag) wrote: Titolo italiano: Riflessi sulla pelle

Blake P (ca) wrote: Call it a comedy, a black comedy, drama, whatever, none the less "Divorzio all'Italiana", works so well because it's so in love with in dark ambitions, to the point where it eventually makes us feel the same way. Amoral and black in its laughs, the film has a pessimistic plot-- Ferdinando (Marcello Mastroianni) is sick of his hopelessly unattractive wife Rosalia (Daniela Rocca), and doesn't know how to get rid of her, considering divorce is illegal in Italy. He longs for his angelic teenage cousin Angela (Stefania Sandrelli), and the same goes for her-- but eventually Ferdinando hatches a plan. After witnessing the trial of a woman that shot her husband after he caught him cheating, he notices she only receives a light sentence. He then devises a plot in which she gets Rosalia to cheat so he can get away with murder. After all, she's sex-starved enough. In "Divorzio all'Italiana", almost instantaneously we dislike the narcissistic "Fefe"-- how can he want to kill the loving Rosalia. But just after a few minutes of enduring her unibrow and mustache, her longing "how much do you love me?" nightly coos, and cloying smiles and grabs, somehow the devious Ferdinando becomes a saint, and the beautiful Sandra Sandrelli becomes the perfect target as the damsel in distress. The screenplay and direction both are brilliant, keeping a sense of darkness and comedy, with voiceovers that remind one of Jean-Luc Godard, but the real triumphs of the film are the performances. Mastroianni might look like a sleaze-ball, but ultimately his comedic talents aid him greatly, because his greatly unlikable character becomes likable in no time-- whether it's his charisma or simply his incredible performance, I don't know, but he's excellent. The same goes for Rocca, who's normally somewhat pretty, who takes a role most actresses would play like a cartoon and instead makes it a comedy piece. "Divorzio all'Italiana" may be a blacker than black comedy, but its confidence is somewhat seductive. The ending says it all.

Rachel B (au) wrote: An unconventional film noir, but also one of the best. Raymond Burr is a total creep and Lizabeth Scott is a femme fatalle that's actually just the girl next door type.

Jenn L (au) wrote: It was funny and I thought that was the main part of this movie. I mean it does originate from a children's book. So if kids get the humor than that's good enough for me

Moore S (au) wrote: Boredom for kids in CGI

Alex S (kr) wrote: one of the funniest movies of my time!

Michael M (ag) wrote: Although the film is set in the modern word it's steeped in mysticism and superstition. It gives the film a post-apocalyptic feel. The desolate snow covered settings leave the viewer's feeling as isolated as the characters. Underneath the mysticism is a wonderful character-based story with powerful performances from Connelly, Cillian Murphy and Melanie Laurent. There are several Oscar worthy moments scattered throughout the film. Many questions are posed, yet few are answered. It leaves the views to ask their own questions. How can you truly experience joy when you haven't experienced pain and suffering? I would definitely recommend this film.