Jai Bhim Comrade

Jai Bhim Comrade

An exploration of caste in India. The documentary begins with the suicide of Vilas Ghogre, a Dalit poet and singer, following the 1997 atrocities against the Dalit community of Ramabai in ...

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Dustin B (jp) wrote: Much better than I could have ever expected.

John S (es) wrote: Ehhhh just watched this....so so not as good as part 1, lame acting, unrealistic fight moves

James W (ca) wrote: A good if a bit melodramatic film starring Jessica Chastain in one of her first films. She is superb in it. The rest of the cast does well too. Worthwhile seeing despite some flaws.

Albert S (kr) wrote: i loved it. cried lel

Andrew I (es) wrote: Being a cheapo indie 'made in UK' kind of movie, I really wanted to like this, and I suppose I did a bit. The plot contained a few clever surprises early on, then the twists really became just that bit too tangled and farcical, but I suppose that's forgivable for a black comedy such as this. "Pegg is hilarious" as it says on the cover is rather over-egging it perhaps but he's alright, as are the rest of the cast, even if I do yawn every time I see Schwimmer in anything. Quite a bit of the dialogue was rather lame, but at least the choice of soundtrack music was refreshingly wacky, even the German(!) bit. Big Nothing doesn't overstay its welcome, so you'll probably quite like it. 6.75/10

Giuseppe P (es) wrote: Ozpetek la versione italo turca di serie B di Almodovar. Le storie non sono troppo banali ma vi sempre qualcosa di banale nel raccontarle. Gi visto.

Gordon I (ag) wrote: Seriously one of the best things Scorsese's ever done. It just doesn't get any credit because it's a documentary about other movies. OH WELL.

Russ B (kr) wrote: 11/20/2016: An ok goofy movie with quite a few funny moments.

Corey D (ca) wrote: Based on a true story, the well-meaning book was unfortunately turned into a highly manipulative "disease of the week" tv movie during the height of the Ryan White media storm.

Kevin D (nl) wrote: Perhaps Truffaut's best film. This movie is a prime example of why I watch films in the first place. It is filled with so much joy, heart, and whimsy. Watching this movie gave me a general sense of hope and was able to give me a sense of transcendent bliss that is tough to explain. I've noticed that many of Truffaut's films have given me similar feelings (Bed and Board and Pocket Money as well). These films feel so effortlessly made yet they turned out to be masterpieces. I don't know what exactly it is that gives these films their magic. Truffaut was one of a kind and watching this film gives you a sense of what type of person he is. After all, the Antoine Doinel character is loosely based around him. Truffaut of course started making films during the French New Wave influx, a movement that saw aggressive films that challenged what was expected from films as they were known. However it seemed that after a few years Truffaut moved away from this mentality and began to make more intimate films that suited his persona. Just from watching some of his more intimate films, it seems like he was a genuine and great person. His body of work will allow him to live on. Audiences can continue to enjoy the art of Truffaut, a kind storyteller and skilled filmmaker. Stolen Kisses is tons of fun and it's a joy to follow Antoine Doinel's romantic and workplace escapades. It's hard not to love this one of a kind charmer.

Orlok W (es) wrote: Based on Real-life story of OSS Detachment 101--Skip the "Romance" part & eventually, it works out!!

Tedrico L (it) wrote: ANOTHER TEDDY FLIX MOVIE REVIEW: "Alien Outpost (2015)"MILDLY ENTERTAINING! A FEW GOOD SPECIAL FX BUT TOO MANY SOLDIER INTERVIEWS! LACK OF STORY PLOT & DECENT ACTING RESTRICTED THIS FILM TO BARELY WATCHABLE STATUS.PLOT: 2031: the world's cities lie in ruins. Alien invaders known as 'Heavies' have mounted a devastating attack. Mankind barely prevailed but enemy survivors remain hidden amongst us as a new war on terror rages. In the aftermath of the first contact war, a series of remote operating bases are created to defend the planet. Three Seven is the deadliest, positioned in the most hostile place on Earth, as a documentary film crew is sent to record daily life in Outpost 37, where the men, led by hardened commander Captain Spears (Rick Ravanello), are under constant enemy fire.REVIEW: When the War On Terror in Iraq meets the "Battle Los Angeles What If ... " scenario, this is what you get ... "Alien Outpost", also known as "Outpost 37" in Europe. The first opening minutes of the film gets you pumped up and I mean "District 9" pumped, but unfortunately ... the next 70 minutes. almost slow down to a snail's pace before picking back up in the last 10 minutes. This movie is good but not very good or excellent, as the official movie trailer leads one to expect. My main qualm against the direction of this film, is that ... everytime the "Heavies", which are the alien race soldiers warring with man kind , begin a battle action sequence, then the film reverts back to scenes of a military journalist interviewing our American troops. That is just plain, Not How It's Done. If I wanted to watch the Wayan's Bros. "Haunted House" all over again, I would have. I truly expected this film to be Epic, but ... it barely RATED 3 STARS in my book. NUFF SAID!