Jaihind 2

Jaihind 2

One man's fight to give good education to the poor.

One man's fight to give good education to the poor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jaihind 2 torrent reviews

Steven L (nl) wrote: An excellent and well-crafted sequel with the same cast and different story. Amazing series to follow since infernal affairs.

Josh F (it) wrote: Incredibly disjointed.

Ian G (it) wrote: Unfortunately a film which I really wanted to like and a follow up to a fav Canuck film One Week, the Score: A Hockey Musical fails to score for me due to the standard failings/trappings of the musical genre, steps over the line of acceptable smaltz, the standard break out into song at every possible point without an interesting transition, uncreative and even mundane lyrics, and too light hearted for its own good. Noah Reid has a great voice and you can tell he might have potential in the arts genarlly in some capacity but a lot of the cast seem either miscast due to lack of talent singing wise or underplaying to be part of the project such as John or McHattie. Wish the makers of the project actually increased the umph and went for something more than slightly quaint.

Joanna B (es) wrote: I really liked this although I don't like football too much. Hope and friendship and following your dream. Always good.

Tristan G (us) wrote: This is my favorite Bruce LaBruce movie. It's so funny and intelligent. Sure, one could say it's pornography technically, but if it is it's the most moving one I've seen!

Ethan H (ca) wrote: A fantastic, heartwarming movie.

Jeff B (it) wrote: Had some good moments, but unfortunately it had too many more where it tried too hard to be Pulp Fiction.

Jack G (nl) wrote: just because your movie is about trash doesn't mean you can escape being trashy all the time. Eric Bogosian goes a ways to making this watchable. But if I want a filmmaker satirizing his own genre, I'll stick with De Palma and Body Double, or even the opening/ending of Blow Out.

Aj V (kr) wrote: It's blatantly obvious that we're supposed to be confronted with the social problems of race in America from a mixture of comedy and drama, but I couldn't help but keep myself from asking how in the world he got turned into a black guy in the first place. The ridiculousness of the answers given by him and the others in the film on that problem just irked me. I was so hung up on the how that I didn't enjoy the rest so much. But I will say that it gives a nice look at the differences between the way people are treated depending on their skin color, it's pretty funny, and not a very bad movie over all.

Roger R (it) wrote: I first saw this in Hawaii at their film festival - cheesy - yes. Formulaic, yes, Corny? Yes but somehow this film has an enduring magic

Christopher S (it) wrote: A nice romantic adventure that celebrates heroic bravery while pointing out the dangers inherent in an uncooperative spirit and rampant individualism. John Wayne may not have been a major star when this movie was made, but he gives his characteristic strong performance.

Nettie S (de) wrote: I love this movie Ronald Colman is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

Miles R (ru) wrote: This was the Best Animated Film ever! Rango deserves this good rating! i Mean the Animation was literally Good loooking and nice! i Loved Rango and Johnny Depp voicing him. I think Rango is a Funny action Number 1 Movie for everyone to watch! and it's Made by Nickelodeon which is more Awesome! Rango is the Best movie i ever seen so far in my life!

Erin D (au) wrote: I think this movie is really sweet, and I love the final scenes. Not that I'm particularly drawn to either lead, but there was so much there to love. GREAT supporting cast.

Megan B (ag) wrote: LOVE LOVE LOVE This MOvie!!