Parag Dixit is living a dream life with a great job and his loving girlfriend Mansi! However things take an ugly turn when after a series of unfortunate events he suddenly wakes up in jail; handcuffed and randomly beaten up by the cops.

Remanded to policy custody, a man reviews his options in an overcrowded jail while awaiting trial. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jail torrent reviews

Stuart B (nl) wrote: i found the film very well cast and the performances were subtle,perhaps to a fault, with the main character 'the sweed' remaining unattainable. Fanning was for the most part excellent; Connoly inscrutable as always made the 'on the pedestal' air of the mother rang true though perhaps some more cuts of the distance between them. The film was at such pains to show that sometimes bad things happen to good people, that it lacks definition. I think that I sensed a lack of focus in macgregors development of his own character. I believe this was due to wanting to avoid making an overly sentimental piece, but unfortuntely the end result is you dont trully invest in any of them. I applaud the attempt to raise the heavy themes inneffetual parenting. what do we do when our cajoling and encouraging of good does not work. what if the bringing in of the professionals leads to more"over engineered" children and bewilderd parents? enjoyable but just short of its potential.

Amy M (ag) wrote: Memories of my youth come back... wanted and unwanted thoughts are wrapped up in them. Good thing it seems like such a blimp on the life radar.

Sean M (ru) wrote: Thought this was ok. Paddy Considine plays a major part so that makes it a pass in my book.

Jennifer S (ca) wrote: when i need to get in the cloud . . .

Lina V (mx) wrote: Absolutely stunning film!

Ng H (de) wrote: A different movie about death and memories. Great play with lighting and great examination of the two topics.

Troy K (de) wrote: Slow moving tear-jerker, but still good.

Jack G (gb) wrote: A man's got to know his limitations!

Senor C (au) wrote: Death Rides a Horse is a too good of a movie to lapse into public domain. The market is flooded w/ terrible pan & scans when this flix should be lovely restored. A Lee Van Cleef classic w/ a terrific Ennio Morricone score (so great Quentin Tarantino couldn't keep his hands off it for Kill Bill). Ive seen this movie may times & find it to be 2nd for Cleef to the Dollar Trilogy. Bad ass spaghetti that has found a cult following. W/ everything that as been remade these days I wouldn't be surprised to see Death Rides a Horse hit that list someday especially w/ the success of True Grit. I just have a feeling that the western is on the return & there's going to be a slew of remakes in the process

Rikki C (au) wrote: Archie is fantastic in this great film which is thought provoking and moving.

Joshua H (au) wrote: The movie as a whole is flawed. The script is flawed and the direction is really flawed. The only thing good about is held together by gratuitous sadness and morbid violence (if you're into that kind of thing).

Laura D (nl) wrote: Funny. Entertaining. For its time amazing special effects.