Jake's Corner

Jake's Corner

The fictional story of an ex-football star, Johnny Dunn, who moves far from the spotlight after a family tragedy to a small, desert town he owns called Jake's Corner. This dramatic comedy is a cross between Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and "Northern Exposure" (1990). Set in the real town of Jake's Corner, Arizona, it is a rest stop for travelers making their way through the Arizona desert, but for the people who live there, it's a rest stop for life. Johnny and the eclectic ensemble that live and work in the town occupy trailers behind the Corner Store and Jake's Corner Bar. Through the years, this cast of misfits has become closer than most families - they are kin. The dynamic of the town is changed forever when Johnny's young nephew comes to live with him.

The fictional story of an ex-football star, Johnny Dunn, who moves far from the spotlight after a family tragedy to a small, desert town he owns called Jake's Corner. This dramatic comedy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jarrod M (mx) wrote: All loose ends tied up, every possible joke made, and ZOUNDS, that final battle in the park! They pulled out all of the stops, and then made up some more and pulled them out too. I am glad that it did well enough, but not so much that any party wants a sequel. A satisfying end, in my eyes.

juad j (br) wrote: on revoit la mme pendant un bon moment j'aime pas ce genre de film

Michael M (br) wrote: Jonah Hex had it moments, it could have really been something if executed well. This movie was just The Wild Wild West with different names and worse acting, especially from the eye candy Meagan Fox.

Pheasant W (fr) wrote: Once again another movie on the netflix instant queue. Really only using it as background noise. It was okay perhaps but slow and the ending was really lame. Not the worst but nothing new. I don't send messages for the movies I don't really care about so I won't waste anyone else's time.

Abi D (es) wrote: Heart felt trajedy-w/ hopeful message

chsiy (it) wrote: I really like this movie because it keeps native stories alive...it was sooooo sad when grandpa died [[i cried]].And Eddie Spears...well...thank God for him!!!

Maggie L (jp) wrote: this man does amazing art work. i only wish there were more creative people in the world who weren't affraid to use the earth as art.

Josh S (ru) wrote: a timely exploration into the annals of eccentricity

Henrysmovieguide C (de) wrote: While not as magical as the first, I still love this movie so much. Toy Story 2 is a totally fun movie to show to kids, and adults can enjoy it too. So good.

Jonah R (de) wrote: Just want to see how bad it is.

Claire T (ca) wrote: Hate it, never watching it ever again, it was very wierd, It starred Kevin Spacey, I didn't like it, I don't want the film on DVD

Spencer P (br) wrote: With visually stimulating (though dragging) camerawork, powerful performances, and detectable levels of real danger, this gritty and epic tragedy is a highly influential picture from Germany's Werner Herzog.

Kimberley B (es) wrote: Holarious movie, had it in my theater.

amy b (es) wrote: is this supposed to be a horror film? if it is it looks crap

Lori B (ca) wrote: One of Ebert's Great Movies that I don't find so great. It has good acting, a good 3rd act and an uncompromising ending. But it just failed to engage me.

John O (de) wrote: Absolutely overrated. I can't understand how so many people think that this is a great film. Boring plot, forgettable villain, and "Blofeld" was done horribly in the Pre-Title Sequence.

Wes S (ru) wrote: It's not as cool as it sounds, as there are no giant man-eating frogs. The plot isn't too bad, but it does feel silly at times, and the characters aren't too interesting. Frogs isn't the most appropriate title, as all sorts of creatures are chasing down humans.

Private U (nl) wrote: This film is pretty boring really. Not that much happens except for a few people getting killed off by a giant flying reptile. It is not that exciting by a long shot. The only good bits are the bits where you see the monster properly and they are only good because they are really tacky. Nothing looks real in this. It is slow and dull to watch. The whole idea is far better than the film. I would recommend avoiding this one.In one word: Dull

Jordon J (kr) wrote: Direct-to-DVD sequel lacks spark but is fine for teens. I have seen worse but also seen a lot better the 1st one is easily a better movie,This one has it's problems but if you enjoyed the first one chances are you wont mind this one either i say RENT IT!!!

Justin M (de) wrote: I don't get the hype around this film, but that's probably because I don't understand it.