Jana Gana Mana

Jana Gana Mana

Jana Gana Mana is a film that works on multiple levels. Being a humorous entertainer, it underlines the spirit of achievement however small it might be. The will to win is what keeps the ...

Jana Gana Mana is a film that works on multiple levels. Being a humorous entertainer, it underlines the spirit of achievement however small it might be. The will to win is what keeps the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick P (fr) wrote: The movie "Pulse" gets resurrected with a zombie-facebook twist. This film is so un-original, and filled with bothersome acting. It sucks, because the social commentary of social media making people go crazy is something we can all agree on. But WHY did they have to steal SO many ideas to make this movie?? Even a non-movie buff could name at least5 movies this film stole from.

ken k (br) wrote: On Sept 8th 1960 arguably the most frightening and haunting film of all time blazed across the movie screens of the world. At that innocent place in time no one could have been prepared for the overwhelming shock of this horror and drama masterpiece. I first saw the film at the Sunset drive in in Skokie Il with one of my first girlfriends. My intentions upon entering the drive in were suddenly and completely altered with the Bernard Herrman score and the immediate hold this film had on both of us. Having just watched "Hitchcock" the story of the production of Psycho I can say with all conviction that Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johanson have captured the true life drama behind this one of a kind experience. Hopkins was Hich ( Hold the cock) and the revelation that his wife Alma was his equal partner made this a great film also. By all means go back and see this captivating telling of the true story behind one of the most important films in Hollywood history.

Chris S (gb) wrote: The second half of the film bored the heck out of me; I didn't even pay any attention for the rest of the film and it wouldn't matter since nothing much happened by the end. But I do love the romantic story between the two men who meet during the first half; it's really unlike how Hollywood and other movies depict gay relationships. Too bad, the next half of the film is dreadful.

Richard H (jp) wrote: absolutely a riot, had me rolling on the floor. an experiment into what really happens when your partner is insecure about how many sexual experiences they have had and feel as if they would be a more well rounded lover/spouse after "seeing other people" before the big wedding day

Lee B (ru) wrote: When i first saw it... i kinda didnt like it...and im a fan of the genre and series...but its grown on me after giving it a chance. I enjoy it now.

Bryson B (de) wrote: this one because i play baseball too

(br) wrote: Erika Christensen, Busy Philipps, James Pickens Jr., Victor Garber, Ken Jenkins A small town is rocked by a shooting at its high school that results in nine deaths and serious injury to one popular female student, Deanna (Erika Christensen). As a detective (Victor Garber) looks for those responsible, his concentration turns to a defiant outcast named Alicia (Busy Phillips). With her involvement still in question, Alicia visits Deanna in the hospital, and the two forge a rare bond over what they saw that fateful day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Very raw movie about two young girls picking up the pieces after the killings at their high school. I thought it was a powerful movie with great performances by Erika Christensen and Busy Philipps. Never does the movie ever lighten up. Which I don't think a movie about a high school shooting should. It shows the aftermath of how those who remain alive are forever traumatized by this horrendous act. Alicia's issues run deeper then just the school shootings, and by the end of the film it touches on them. The movie runs long, a little over the 2hr mark, but the performances by the two main characters where good enough that I didn't mind. It's basically about these two girls who come from very different lives finding comfort in each other in coping with what life's troubles have left them with.

Dennis S (gb) wrote: My review isn't exaclty COMPLETELY fair- unless the first 10 minutes of the movie were a reflection of waht the movie was like the rest of the way through

Sylvia C (kr) wrote: Just for nicole kidman

TJ S (it) wrote: John Hurt is amazing in this movie !!!

Aaron B (ag) wrote: interesting to see Barbara Feldon in something other than Get Smart

Petros T (fr) wrote: Innovative direction, playful camera work, a fascinating score, a good script, some suspense Hitch couldn't help but instill in his creation, loads of macabre ironies and a decent cast. My only major dissatisfaction: Farley Granger? Come on, Hitchy!

Greg W (jp) wrote: last collab of dietrich and legendary director von sternberg

Michael S (gb) wrote: One of my favorite Bela Lugosi Movies. Creepy atmosphere.

Katie S (de) wrote: Extremely imaginative camera work for the time that manages to still be effective today. The scenes between April and Tony were ridiculous in the best possible way and Hitch was not good either but the direction and Helen Morgan's performance make this early talkie unique.

Adam F (de) wrote: There's more to "Bound" than the famous erotic scenes; it's a gripping heist film that will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to guess where it goes next. You have probably heard of this movie because of the leads, Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon, but the real stars at the Wachowski brothers, who wrote and directed a tight story that's complex but not confusing. Like most heist films, once the plan is set up a lot of the fun is guessing what is going to go right and what will go wrong but also seeing the protagonists adapt to the constantly changing situation they're in. There isn't a moment that's wasted and the tension builds consistently throughout the movie. You may go in for the famous love making scene, but great performances and believable characters will suck you in as soon as the movie starts. (VHS, July 16, 2012)

Jeff K (mx) wrote: Between the the theater lines for action movies and dramedies the Family plot stands on firm ground never to be washed away. Well except for poor Aurthers grave. He never really was one for the law.

Peter E (gb) wrote: Definitely a plausible contender for the title of "Most 80s Movie Ever."

Joni A (fr) wrote: this is awesome movie and a true story