Australian based Lucky Kapoor (Fardeen Khan) has no interest whatsoever in his dad's, Virendra Kapoor's (Harsh Chhaya) business in India. Saba Karim Khan (Feroz Khan), however, does have an interest in the property of Mr. Kapoor, but Mr. Kapoor is not willing to sell. This angers Karim Khan, and he has Mr. Kapoor killed, and makes it look like an accident. Lucky's childhood sweetheart, Jessica Periera (Celina Jaitley), has the proof of Mr. Kapoor's death, but decides to keep it to herself. When Karim Khan meets with Lucky to re-negotiate the property, he finds that Lucky is willing to sell; he also finds that Lucky resembles his dead son. Karim Khan will give anything to make Lucky the heir to his vaste wealth and properties, but Lucky is not willing. Karim Khan turns on all the machinations he has in his power to force Lucky to be his heir.

Lucky Kapoor (Fardeen Khan) lives in Australia and has no interest in taking over his father's business in India. Saba Karim Khan (Feroz Khan) has a great interest in the property, but Mr. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John S (fr) wrote: This is one of the most fun, entertaining, and at sometime grossly humurous films of Miikes library of movies. Based on a manga, the movie does great justice in that each of it's shots pop of the screen as though you were watching the book come to life. All I can say is, don't watch this if you offend easily and can take a rye sense of humor. To all others ENJOY!

Ty T (ag) wrote: Ever see a movie you loved watching as a kid and watch it again about ten years later and think why the heck you watched it to begin with? Their are so many of those movies out their like that for me but the movie that comes to mind the most is a movie called Spaced Invaders.Spaced Invaders is a somewhat childrens movie rated PG from the early 90's about pot smoking aliens (ok maybe the aliens werent smoking anything but the producer who financed this movie must have been) because the aliens acted like 80's California surfers then actual menacing scary creatures trying to take over earth.The aliens crash land on earth Halloween night and are originally supposed to take over the world instead they get mistaken for children in costumes and start joining in on all the Halloween mischief while still trying to find pieces to fix their ship to leave. Very much a cheesy midnight type movie but still loved all the wackyness and had to rent this all the time when I was a kid and I rented it every chance I could. The best part about being a kid is never noticing how much a movie is crummy and alot that you watched were. So just for nostalgic factor ill give this movie three blong surfer dudes out of five. See this one only if you enjoy 80's vally girl aliens stuck in an early 90's Halloween.

John H (ca) wrote: linda blair rarely stars in non horror films but when she does she is simply irresistible

Stuart A (fr) wrote: Stab-happy mental patient, Emilio Estevez as an arcade hustler, Satan in a Chevy 4x4 and a giant Germanic rat that can communicate with small children.Again!

Beth M (mx) wrote: Andrew McCarthy!!!!! And John Cusack!!! In the same film. It only needs James Spader and I'm in HEAVEN. ANDREW MCCARTHY! I love him.

Garrett C (nl) wrote: "The gorgeous black-and-white imagery is so remarkable that it overrides the bad acting, barely coherent story and the awful dialogue." - Ken Hanke

Niklas R (kr) wrote: A little slow by today's standards still well-conceived worth seeing two or three times.