A young girl runaway from home to join the circus.

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Atheer O (fr) wrote: you would not find pure comedies these days to which you could laugh more than this one. At the same time you are served with a drama with much more complicated themes handled with ease.

Eva H (br) wrote: brillant movie must see

Shalita C (fr) wrote: Henry's character is hilarious, fun and interesting.

David C (es) wrote: This is an amazing story about two Italian American's who endured suffering based on racial prejudice as immigrants. Yes, Italians were victims of the same things that Mexican's are dealing with now...but the documentary put me to sleep.

Lee Q (ru) wrote: A SyFy special... Take Armageddon, remove Bruce Willis and replace with Stephen Baldwin. Add Nuclear Pulse engines to a space shuttle, and place ASI (generic NASA) logos on every door with CGI and you have Earthstorm! Oh yeah, and to boot, the space shuttle has artificial gravity to further retain the subpar budget of this truly phenomenal SciFi/Thriller masterpiece. I loved it for the cheese, because the moon is made of cheese.

Chris Z (kr) wrote: A decently done documentary into the resurgence of The Pixies as they reunite for a tour long after having disbanded in relative obscurity, only to become years later of course one of the most influential modern bands that defined indie rock long before Radiohead took the reins.

Ralph R (nl) wrote: This movie is guaranteed to be horrible so here is some Billy Squire for your amusement: "Now everybody, have you heard If you're in the game, then the stroke's the word Don't take no rhythm, don't take no style Got a thirst for killin' - grab your vial... " First person to name that song will get an invisible bowl of rice. Nothing will stifle hunger like Uncle Ben's invisible rice, homestyle.

Tina M (es) wrote: it was an okay type of movie with an ending I wasn't expecting.

Christopher W (nl) wrote: This is without a doubt the funniest film I have ever seen

MEC r (de) wrote: Could have been a lot better.

Harry S (ru) wrote: It Wasnt The Greatest Film. The Most Enjoyable Bit Was Watching Sly Do His Thing. Not The Greatest Thing To Come Out Of 1995.

Andreia C (ca) wrote: This is actually funny. Carell with a Mr. Bean kind of comedy.Positives: Anne Hathaway in a comedic roll; Dwayne Johnson kicking ass; ridiculous situations that just make you laugh.Negatives: Not really a fan of Carell but he was actually okayish.

Luca B (gb) wrote: Bellissima spy story ma commovente allo stesso tempo.

Michael W (it) wrote: Struggling reporter concocts a fictitious tale that coincides with a current murder investigation, launching his career to the front page and on tv. Includes some commentary on ethics and morals. Late entry for the Cannon/Golan-Globus team that underscores the decline of the once formidable outfit; they just seemed to stop making movies that people truly cared about. Most notable for Morgan Freeman's first Oscar nomination in a supporting role.