In Japan, a million young men have shut the door on real life. Almost one man in ten in his late teens and early twenties is refusing to leave his home – many do not leave their bedrooms for years on end.

A painter from the big city goes to a remote canyon to commit suicide. To reach some calmness, he stays at the farmstead of Ascen, an old, religious woman. Although but a few words are spoken, love grows. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tate R (kr) wrote: A powerful film that tells a tragic story. Beautifully made

Scream Q (ru) wrote: An absolute hilarious comedy! What comes around goes around couldn't be any truer in this movie!

Daisy M (it) wrote: found this randomly on demand (sundance channel), expected it to be crap, but in my experience thai movies have been pretty good and i loved it!

Lee M (fr) wrote: Though episodic and visually cluttered, Fassbinder sets forth the thesis that terrorism and the modern security state feed upon and needed each other in order to exist. He viewed his contemporaries as a lost generation doomed to "act in danger but without perspective."

Private U (jp) wrote: Would make a demented erotic horror double feature with THE DEVIL'S PLAYTHING.

Michelle A (it) wrote: no info = no interest

Stacey M (fr) wrote: Saw the edited 'Them' version of these two films at the #LFF and found it deeply moving and poignant. It is an intelligent film which doesn't patronise it's audience by spoon feeding them plot rather it very slowly paints a picture of what has gone before. The mystery of past events carries it through. Superb cast and performances. Might be a bit slow for some but I loved it. And the run times is around 2 hours not 3.15 as indicated.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: It is dazzling to look at (if you don't mind about all those rubber-looking characters), but Pixar aims too low with this derivative animation made for very small children - a silly, predictable and forgettable movie about facing your fears, the importance of family and whatever, who cares.

Joe W (au) wrote: Another great hilarious horror genre comedy from Astron 6.They really got everything from the tone right down to the music to feel like a 80's horror Italian slasher flick. So many great shots that pay tribute to great genre films. In fact the only flaw i could really see is if you haven't seen any giallos a lot of the jokes and references you just won't get.