Jar City

Jar City

A murder opens up a bleak trail of long buried secrets and small town corruption for a worn out police detective and his squad.

A murder opens up a bleak trail of long buried secrets and small town corruption for a worn out police detective and his squad. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ferdinando L (fr) wrote: A hypnotic dance with death that delivers an emotional wallop and a potent anti-war message.It's a fearless and unblinking march into the heart of one man's darkness and the pain and anguish of generations and nations.A powerfully ambiguous meditation on personal and collective avoidance.

Jonny P (ca) wrote: "Elsewhere" is a thriller about a girl who disappears after meeting a lot of strangers on a MySpace-type website. It gains momentum toward the end but lacks the dramatic build over the first hour necessary for a "good" thriller. Set in a small town, it contains all of the stereotypical characters: The irresponsible friend, the corrupt cop, the awkward Christian father, and the nice nerd that saves the day. Unfortunately, on the scale of good acting, Anna Kendrick scores a 10 while the rest of the cast averages a 2. She is obviously levels above the rest of the cast and, while she is a joy to watch, she makes everybody else look weak. In addition to the poor acting, the dialogue leaves something to be desired, particularly when delivered by bad actors. This was basically a good excuse to stare at Anna Kendrick for a few hours. The only reason that I can think of to watch this film again (or in the first place) is my crush on Kendrick - if you do not share this sentiment, I'd recommend Scream or Devil. Or anything else.

Gary Z (kr) wrote: I'm a sucker for dystopian-esque vampire movies but this one started a hell of a lot better than it ended.

Elisa G (mx) wrote: A better form for Christian Bale.

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Andy H (de) wrote: Everyone should see this film. Genuinely wonderful, as well as being thoroughly insightful. Fun for all the family!

Byron B (kr) wrote: Boring. Not suspenseful or scary at all. The zombies are not recognizable as zombies by today's standards (more mass voodoo mind-control). The frights audiences of the time might have received was probably more a racist thing.

William M (ru) wrote: This is a heartfelt film about the complicated life of a man who wanted most of all to just make us laugh.

Jason K (it) wrote: This is a fun movie. Yes, it has a giant crocodile as the main character, but the entire time you're watching this movie, you can see it's very tongue in cheek and the actors are in on the fun. Don't take this movie seriously, just enjoy the ride, the laughs, Betty White's amazing one-liners or Oliver Platt's awesomely campy (but perfect) performance.