Jarhead is a film about a US Marine Anthony Swofford’s experience in the Gulf War. After putting up with an arduous boot camp, Swafford and his unit are sent to the Persian Gulf where they are earger to fight but are forced to stay back from the action. Meanwhile Swofford gets news of his girlfriend is cheating on him. Desperately he wants to kill someone and finally put his training to use.

The movie is about Anthony’s life. He joins army and he is trained to be a sniper. After that, he joins Gulf War and experiences the harsh living condition on the battlefield, the difficulties between live and die that he never can forget. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stacia T (mx) wrote: The characters were portrayed with intense but delicate emotion. Very good acting. This movie is well worth seeing.

Lucie F (us) wrote: The most frank movie ever. shows what you always wanted to do in the place of silly movie characters.

Brandon J (ca) wrote: Despite this movie being poor. I love Larry the cable guy, also it had it's funny moments, and wasnt that bad. Not a good movie, but not a bad one. The acting is the kind of bad acting where I found it was funny. (Spoilers) I never give one really, but the part where Larry finds his truck, his reaction to it was hilarious. Would make this movie a to watch with a friend.

Michael W (au) wrote: This is a very honest film. McNamara tells his life as he sees it without bragging or apologizing, without claiming anything he has done was either right or wrong. McNamara simply tells you his decisions, why he made such decisions at the time, and what he has learned looking back on them. It's a sobering film to watch with the weight of atrocities carried out by the US, but it's even more troubling wondering if we'd do anything differently given a second chance. War is not easy.

Sarah M (ru) wrote: Now this is a great movie!!Good old Aussie humor :) Definitely one of my all time favorites!!

Dan B (nl) wrote: I don't know why I said this movie should be shorter the last time I commented on it. I was so, so wrong: it should be longer by about twenty-seven hours. Gorgeous, devastating, and profound, with a killer score to boot.

Battle T (nl) wrote: One of the worst movies ever made

Gary L (au) wrote: Little known post-apocalyptic survival story from Jim McBride. Low budget but beautifully effective. Must see for Sci-fi fans!

Stu N (kr) wrote: This movie would be disturbing if it were not so laughably silly. The director keeps things moving with music, enthusiastic crowd scenes, and plenty of splashed gore. The sound sucks and the acting alternates between flat and over the top. This is a B-movie slasher version of Brigadoon featuring disaffected southern crackers with a chip on their shoulders 100 years in the making. Not a complete waste of 87 minutes, maybe if you have a crossword to do at the same time. One of those movies you can randomly walk away for 25 minutes or so and not really miss anything important.

Cameron M (kr) wrote: These early ones are so tame compared to the later 60s and 70s films.

Laura Y (gb) wrote: Free fun on a Friday night.

Gordon C (nl) wrote: A lot of people seem to feel that "the special effects may have been good at the time, but look dated today." Well, duh! It's just nice to see a film which deals seriously with the subject of space travel - there are so few out there, I could probably count them on the fingers of one hand. Maybe they weren't spot on with a couple of aspects, but I've never been to the moon myself, so it's hard to be certain. It's nice to see that, when an opportunity comes up for one of the crew to sacrifice himself, they all fall over themselves in wanting to be the one to die. Surely all four of them couldn't have been that self-effacing?

Joseph J (es) wrote: For all that it starts with the main characters mugging someone, this one is pretty much good, clean, old-school scifi fun.