Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De

Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De

City vs country, young vs old.

The Movie story is based on A Generation Gap. This Movie tries to break the gap, keeping the old and new generation intact with there emotions and with there roots. City life and rural life... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Orlok W (de) wrote: This is easily the best King adaptation in at least seven years and one of the better television adaptations of his work. While it's not the masterpiece that Tobe Hooper's 'Salem's Lot is and not as fun 1990's TV version of It, it, quite frankly, beats the hell out of any TV adaptation since 1994's The Stand (not counting Storm of the Century and Rose Red, which are original teleplays by King rather than adaptations of a previous work)--On the surface we see a successful author of lightweight mysteries, visiting her fans, and enjoying their adulation. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, she has a childhood trauma that has given her some unique coping abilities that she has used to be successful. When trauma hits once again, she copes because she has a genius ability to compartmentalize everything... A "Come and Get It" revenge movie!!

Michael P (kr) wrote: Katy lets it all hang out in this Rockumentury.

Joseph W (it) wrote: I loved this film! I've watched it like 10 times! Lot of great talent music & acting wise! Vincent Piazza & John Lloyd Young both totally nailed it as Tommy DeVito & Frankie Valli!

Rowena A (ag) wrote: A weak effort. Poor script, bad effects and Joe Flanigan being a lame version of his Stargate: Atlantis character. Avoid!

Heather M (ca) wrote: I hate mobster movies.

Barbara S (au) wrote: Another fun movie. Tom Cruise was "Jerry McGuire" again

remington t (ag) wrote: Funny, fucking funny!!!!! Love me sexy

Leo L (ag) wrote: Fascinating! This movie is indeed one of a kind.

Brendan S (fr) wrote: That ending got me. It was great and that ending pushed it into masterpiece terrorist.

Tommy M (br) wrote: I had some pretty high expectations for this movie but it feel short of them. Which is sad because I was really rooting for this film to be really good, instead it was just okay. I thought that John Cusack and his daughters did an amazing job at acting but I found the story to be slow. I didnt expect to wait an hour and thirty minutes to finally have him say that their mother is gone. I also thought it was going to go in a differnt direction. However I can see why he kind of did what he did.

Phillie E (fr) wrote: The subject isn't as taboo nowadays, but you get some great, powerful performances from Hoffman and Streep.

bill s (gb) wrote: It;s funny in parts though it has more of a sitcom feel to it.

Phil L (it) wrote: It's about the hunt for Osama bin Laden the terrorist organization leader of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States and the night we Killed the world most wanted terrorist in history by United States Navy Seals Seal team 6

Wade T (kr) wrote: One of the big surprises of the year for me. I loved this movie. Mark Ruffalo gives the best performance of his career, and Zoe Saldana ain't half bad either. If you can overlook the glossing over of some pretty serious things here and there, this is a really rewarding watch.