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Peyton G (jp) wrote: No idea how this movie's gotten such bad reviews from critics, I was anxious to see it the day I saw the trailer. The movie did not disappoint, although the movie seems kind of out of order or random, you realize why it's that way at the end and I can honestly say this movie genuinely made me sad, because this is the reality for many veterans across the nation and this movie portrayed the struggle very well, and Shia labeouf delivers one of his best performances yet. Absolutely loved it. Will recommend to everyone.

Jea L (au) wrote: I really liked the entire cast and the last thirty minutes of the movie, which I thought was fantastic. It's lovely, sweet, charming and a nice perspective on modern china. However, there is quite an amount of racially offensive and stereotypical material that the film could have toned down or morphed into something more accurate and racially conscious. Those bits were hard for me to watch.This film could have been better, could have been excellent, in fact, if the screenplay and characterizations were developed more.

Khushboo V (jp) wrote: I love shahid kapoor

BehAhr R (gb) wrote: Could Have Been A Little More Well Explained, But It Was A Fiercely Real Movie

Johnny L (jp) wrote: I didn't connect with the film, but I can see it as something one would want to watch to help process a loss, especially that of a child.

Scott R (kr) wrote: In confronting politics, academia and the military it becomes too idealistic, but still raises important points.

Stacey C (au) wrote: Awesome, bikes hot rods, pot. Very funny

kamyar m (ag) wrote: Disgusting camerawork is the key to the heart of this unbearable film...

Jessi T (ca) wrote: the film is thrilling and plays with your mind definitely psychotic but brilliant

Budge B (au) wrote: One of Pasolini's trilogy of films exploring the story-telling tradition ("Decameron" and "Arabian Nights" are the other two), and a central storyline which is probably the most familiar of the three for British, if not other, English speaking audiences. Pilgrims assemble at a tavern in Southwark to begin their journey to Canterbury and the martyr's burial place.Chaucer's central conceit, in writing the "Canterbury Tales", was that here we have a collection of apparently devout individuals, setting out on a pilgrimage, a journey of discovery and faith, yet they find the notion so inherently boring they have to spice it up by telling one another bawdy and decidedly not very spiritually uplifting tales. The moral of the tale is in the moralities of the tellers!Pasolini turns the tables on poor old Geoffrey Chaucer. In this film, Chaucer is stripped of his artistic integrity and satirical pen, to become a hen-pecked husband who scribbles erotic tales for his own amusement and gratification. But, of course, the director himself plays the part of Chaucer!And the tales are bawdy. The costumes, settings and action is surreal. A fine actor like Huw Griffiths is reduced to a caricature by the dubbed Italian and the subtitles. Pasolini demands a melodramatic acting style, a throwback to the storytelling times - and there are moments in the film where he pays homage to Chaplin and the Keystone Cops. The bawdy, slapstick nature of comedy is timeless. And silent comedy, mime, is equally a part of a living, storytelling tradition.Chaucer's characters flow across the screen. The Wife of Bath is insatiable. Tom Baker reveals all, but this was before his Dr.Who days! The action descends into Hell ... a pastiche of Hieronymus Bosch's vision. Pasolini keeps returning to themes of brotherhood, deceit and deception. He explores male bonding and friendship ... and its potential for corruption. Three friends try to outwit one another, but only Death triumphs. Death is no fearful spectre, but a consummate teller of tales, a manipulator of reality.This is a triumphantly funny and bawdy little romp into English literature, a roller-coaster ride of individual idiosyncrasies and frailties. Exotic, surreal, and outrageous in places, it's an entertaining and engrossing film.

Evan H (br) wrote: This is a cute farce with Sandra Dee, Rex Harrison, Angela Lansbury and Kay Kendall. It's very funny and has an intelligent script that is held up by the comedic acting performances!

Colton M (es) wrote: Call it nostalgia but I love the shit out of the movie.

Frances H (es) wrote: I found Speak to be a touching, well-acted film on the serious subject of a rape of a young teen by a boy four years older, and how it affects her for a year while she struggles with the post-trauma and misunderstanding of her classmates until she finds the strength within herself to speak out about what happened to her. How someone so young can deal with such a problem when older women have such a struggle, only makes the problem more complex. Teens need more films like this one to bring the date rape problem to the fore.

Alexander B (es) wrote: Hunger Games, is an action-packed/ Gore movie, that all teens and adults will love, but has some boring scenes...