Jatt James Bond

Jatt James Bond

Shinda was mistreated by his relatives therefore he finds other ways to have his love Laali. Shinda and his two other friends come up with a plan to solve all of their problems.

Shinda was mistreated by his relatives therefore he finds other ways to have his love Laali. Shinda and his two other friends come up with a plan to solve all of their problems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James M (us) wrote: Anti gun propaganda packaged to defame and demonize gun owners and the Second Amendment. Never mind that celebrities like Chastain don't need guns because unlike us 'plebs' they can afford to hire rough men they despise to protect them.Left wing pretentiousness at it's finest.

Paul D (nl) wrote: An ordinary mafia thriller, but Dolph Lundgren makes a good job of things in this one.

Yash B (ru) wrote: Another talking animal film that doesn't bring anything new to the table besides it's strange brand of humor. I enjoyed it and it's slightly edgier than most animated movies but at the same time it can feel very childish. It's a strange blend but it does somewhat work but it isn't nothing special.

Kalind H (ru) wrote: Definitely not Sandler at his best. This movie only has a few laugh-worthy moments and is fueled mostly by cheap gags that can be described as nothing more than 'light entertainment'.

Darrin C (es) wrote: Fairly true to the real-life version of John Holmes after porn. The movie has cinematography and an even greater soundtrack...also a little violence here and there (particularly towards the end), but mostly all dialog leading up to that climax we all knew about before the movie even started. I guess you just need to know what you're getting into to enjoy this one.

Kyle E (ca) wrote: Can I rate this ten stars?

Beth I (us) wrote: How many Ingmar Bergman films before I'm fluent in Swedish?

Blake J (mx) wrote: The word masterpiece is a word that has always been thrown around way too much, especially when it comes to film. But Akira Kurosawa seems to be one of those very rare directors who couldn't have the word used enough. I have seen six of his films now and each one I've seen is a masterpiece in its own special way: Ikiru is a masterpiece for its poignant beauty, Rashomon for its innovative structure and its insightful look into the nature of truth, while Seven Samurai is a masterpiece for well...everything. And here we have Red Beard: a beautifully crafted film that is as tragic and sorrowful as it is heartfelt and warm. In his wide spanning career, Kurosawa's main goal as a director of cinema was to make films that engrossed and provoked audiences as much as literature could. In this aspect I think Red Beard is the film that comes closest to being Kurosawa's ultimate aspiration. By the end, I did not feel as if I had viewed a film, but more like I had been engrossed in the life of a man. A man who started out as a nave child, and had grown to not only become a great doctor, but also a great person, and the lessons he had learned I felt I had learned. Although I love Throne of Blood and Ran as much as the next cinema-geek, I truly connect with Kurosawa's films when they're at their most humanistic. Like Ikiru, Red Beard shows us how we can impact the lives of others around us if we only find the will to do it, and as corny as that may sound, Red Beard is not contrived in any way. The viewer is never given a long preach, he is only told to view the events that unfold on screen, view the characters for what they are, and make judgments for themselves. Kurosawa knew the key to getting his point across, and that is: To make it seem like you're not getting any point across at all. Red Beard's running time is 185 minutes long, but it is not really a film that could be described as an epic. There is never a sense of a larger life story or a film that has the vibrato of "Seven Samurai" or "Kagemusha", and it's not meant to. This is a minimalist human tale that, to Americans, is grounded in a foreign land, but no matter where one lives the themes are universal. The characters are some of the most absorbing I ever seen in any film, and I personally was not ready to leave them by the time the film was over. I wanted to continue following the lives of Yasumoto, Otoyo, and the wise Red Beard himself. I felt swept up, swept up into a place that was in many ways dark and sad but also beautiful. If this feeling is not the ultimate testament to Kurosawa, and more so, to the power of filmmaking then I don't know what is. This is all in part to the fantastic performances from Toshiro Mifune (Who shows his indispensable range as Dr. Niide (Red Beard), Yuzo Kayama (The arrogant intern who quickly realizes he has a lot to learn), and Otoyo (A young girl who has lost faith in kindness). Red Beard was the last film collaboration between Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune. It was also Kurosawa's last black and white film, and in many ways it was the end of an era. There was reportedly a lot of dysfunction that went into the making of this film, and according to the fascinating commentary by Stephen Prince, a lot of tension growing between the director and actor, and the fact that it would be followed by the worst critical release of Kurosawa's career "Dodes'ka-den" doesn't really help either. But one would never know all of this by watching Red Beard. It is a pitch perfect film filled with beauty, tears, and even some laughter. But most importantly it is filled with an undeniable affection for human kind. And what could possibly be more essential to our lives than that? Red Beard is a Masterpiece.

Michael C (au) wrote: Call of Cthulhu: 9/10 Rotten Tomatoes needs to add Call of Cthulhu to their movie database, great little indie flick. No, I didn't get some super virus and watch movies all weekend, I've been dragging a few of these out over the past 3 weeks so I finally finished them up. Memories is the kind of Anime I look forward too. A cell based movie is always betting looking than one that has CGI shoe-horned in. I only wish I would have caught it 10 years ago instead of just now. Anyway, its 3 different stories, all with a sci-fi outer limits feel to them. I'd say the first one was the best. While Steamboy left a bad taste in my mouth, Memories completely invigorated me. Dagon is another HP Lovecraft adaptation (yeah, I go through this kind of stuff around Halloween for a while ), and it's a mixed bag. The acting is horrible, I mean really forced kind of acting. But the setting, makeup and customs and general plot is pretty cool. The little bit of CGI is pretty cheesy though. Call of Cthulhu is great because they marketted it as a 'classic 20's film' when really, they had absolutly no budget. But thats not to say they didn't to a terrific job. They stuck to the story, and it came off pretty creepy. It really does feel like an old silent film, and the sets they created were cool. Lots of good extra's too. If your a fan of the Mythos its worth checking out. $25 is a tad pricey for a 50 minute movie though. Notice Star Wars is missing? No rating? There is a reason. I'm still too emotionally confused about it to even say if I loved it or hated it. Parts of it I really liked, and parts of it I found pointless and wish they didn't exist. I didn't find the wookie scenes that cool, and I really detest the fact that George can't leave the original trilogy characters out of the pre-quals. It's like he knows the new trilogy can't stand on its own vapid characters so he has to keep reminding us why we like star wars by whoring out R2D2, C3PO and others. It doesn't make sense or add to the plot, it only confuses things. Okay, enough of that.

Greg W (ca) wrote: movie #3 and the last good one in the series

Shawn W (nl) wrote: More Trancers appear for Jack Deth to deal with six years after the original. Solid sequel. Similar story to the original but adds Jack Deth's future wife being sent to the past to complicate personal matters for him.

Sherry M (mx) wrote: Very good! Lots of characters - you have to pay attention. Finally a movie with some meat to it without being SO serious. you can smile through this one! My pick or best of 5 nominated, but probably no chance of winning.