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Jonathan K (it) wrote: It had a lot of potential, but failed to keep a consistent tone. It reminds me of the original Children of the Corn, but without any real suspense

Jewel S (gb) wrote: This was a great film. Some scenes were lacking in areas, but the soundtrack and beautiful cinematography made up for. I will admit that cried a bit towards the end however. The first kiss between the two main characters was probably the best kiss I've ever seen in a movie. I recommend watching it.

Waleed A (us) wrote: wow finally they made what they should have been making. a fun horror movie. this one is so much better than the previous ones, only the first is close. they didn't try to get too complex with the story, and everything made sense. there was finally some semblance of characters and motivations. great music. and creative and beastly accident scenes. i actually cared about the characters dying, and it got me to drop my jaw a bunch of times. this movie is highly entertaining. they also eased up on the ridiculously complex ways that these accidents happen. in the last two, death would go through like 10 steps that lead to the accident when it could have been so much simpler. and you could tell this felt like a real movie with good directing and well shot scenes. also lots of funny moments and good banter (1 viewing)SPOILERSit was a really cool ending to connect with the first movie, and the fact that it all took place in 2000. so much better than what they tried in the fourth movie, to have some supposed twist that makes ZERO sense and isn't even really one

Delvin C (mx) wrote: Es otra de las que tengo, pero no he tenido tiempo para verla!

Charlie D (ca) wrote: This is one of the most ridiculous movies I've ever seen who the hell in their right mind thought this pg version of saw was worth a damn. I'm down sure lucky I didn't waste a penny on this pity party.

Marie T (jp) wrote: Une suite extremement decevante. Du rechauffe.

Zane U (jp) wrote: Absolutely bizarre. Tears of the Black Tiger is a Western melodrama with as much blood as Kill Bill, the dialogue of a grindhouse film, and the irreverence of a spoof movie (not that Scary Movie crap, but real spoof movies). Everything is over the top: the music, the sets, the love story, the violence, etc. which makes for a unique guilty pleasure-esque movie that isn't a "guilty" pleasure at all.

Dekker D (ca) wrote: So funny! So many great quotes!

Zane T (ca) wrote: This movie works on the philosophy that everyone is an idiot. Dana Carvey plays a con man, an a bad one, who is on the run from a mobster, so he hides out in a upscale home because he knows the resident is overseas and the housesitter couldn't make it. First off, the housesitter, if he was such a good friend, wouldn't have dropped the ball while his buddy was already overseas. Secondly, the resident wouldn't tell anyone on his answering machine that he is out of town. Third, the parents who mistake Carvey for their son's friend would have had better communication with their son and they would have discovered Carvey's a phone. Fourth, the father played by Robert Loggia wouldn't hire Carvey's character without checking a lot of references. Fifth, the sister wouldn't have first hated and then fallen in love with Carvey without first calling up her brother to ask to tell him. Remember, if he is overseas, he would still be in communication with his family, considering they are so close. Sixth, the scam to swindle money out of mobster James Tolkan wouldn't work because since he is in building, he would know who the building commissioner of Chicago is and wouldn't tear down an IRS building so quickly. Carvey has some time to pull off some zingers, but they are too few and fare between. His elder Bush impression seems less like a joke, but more as a requirement.

Shawn A (br) wrote: A little dry in spots where more authentic emotions would have made a big difference, minus the impressive performance by James Earl Jones. This movie tryed to hype up emotion, but the whole time it came off so slow and gloomy. I wanted a story to develop where the beginning was different than the end or maybe I'd learn something new or devastating. Predictable and blah.

Jim D (jp) wrote: Outstanding movie for an army movie. It is a sad one though, one of the few movies that actually get to me emotionally...

Caleb V (kr) wrote: Abstract like....watching a moving living breathing painting.....pure art.

Greg W (ca) wrote: gr8 cast makes this one go

Chris G (fr) wrote: Key Largo is a film noir piece set in the Florida Keys where Frank McCloud (Humphrey Bogart) arrives to visit the family of a fellow soldier that died during the war (Lionel Berrymore and Lauren Bacall). Problems arise when the gangster Johnny Rocco (Edward G. Robinson) has holed up the hotel run by the family, waiting to sneak back into the country after being deported. Add into this the hurricane that will be making a direct hit on the south Florida island.Whenever you get John Huston and Humphrey Bogart together you're going to get something special and Key Largo isn't any different. The film has a deep noir feel, yet it transplants itself from the typical locale of seedy neighborhoods of the inner cities to what was a more quiet area that becomes isolated even further by the hurricane hitting. Bogart is the reluctant hero, beaten down by the war and the post war world that wanders into this situation by accident. He's not looking for trouble, but is prepared to deal with it if necessary. There is an attraction between McCloud and Nora (Bacall, the groomless fianc), but nothing really comes to fruition due to the situation they're in, giving us believably that wasn't seen in films of this era. There's too much going on for this people to become romantic. Other circumstances may allow it, but not this set. Of course, Edward G. Robinson playing an egocentric gangster is his calling card. He's great in the role and plays it over the top when needed, but still has the ability to tone it down when the situation requires.Key Largo is a movie that builds onto itself, with a kind of snowball effect that compounds itself as the film goes on. There is a sense of claustrophobia when the film begins, that opens up as the film rolls on right along as Johnny Rocco loses control of the situation. And yes, the hurricane represents a huge character in the film is the boss over all that it surveys. Huston plays this card, but doesn't over play it, a great move by a master. Key largo is one for the ages, a great noir piece that paces great with wonderful acting. A testament to all of those involved in the film.

Kyle S (nl) wrote: Despite some typical kids fare, Casper offers an oddly touching and surprisingly dark at times family comedy that will have you in tears by the end. An honourable mention, as well, needs to go to the late James Horner for a score that elevates its material emotionally ten fold. Highly recommended.

Scott R (jp) wrote: A look into rural Minnesota and its culture.

Brian G (kr) wrote: 2016. Pretty entertaining. Comic book kind of feel.

Ellie L (au) wrote: it was good. twist at the end was interesting but it still wasn't great. still all-in-all not bad

Stephanie T (it) wrote: I must not have seen the same movie that the others had, possibly my version was very, very edited. The story I was presented with was one of love, dismissal and several failed attempts of one-upmanship. It was a touching and sad expose of people who selfishly made decisions that negatively impacted others to the extent of their own regret.The actors are incredibly beautiful and the scenery even moreso. The sensuality of the story was heightened by the gorgeous silky fabrics, flowing crystal waters and deep hypnotizing eyes. While the ending seemed incongruous with the storyline (and is the only line quoted here on RT) this is a heartbreaking tale and a visual feast.