Jaws 2

Jaws 2

Police chief Brody must protect the citizens of Amity after a second monstrous shark begins terrorizing the waters.

The small island resort town of Amity is trying to bounce back from the financial troubles that suffered after becoming known as the site of shark attacks four years earlier. Mayor Larry Vaughn is welcoming developer Len Peterson and his new resort to Amity. Two scuba divers are exploring the area where the Orca sank after police chief Martin Brody killed a huge shark four years ago. A shark shows up and devoured the two divers, but not before one of the divers takes a close-up picture of the shark's eye, and sometime later, while a mother is driving a boat that's pulling her water-skiing teenage daughter, the shark devours the daughter and causes the mother to accidentally blow up the boat, then a killer whale is found on the shore with a huge bites on it. After Brody sees this, he knows there's another huge great white shark in Amity's waters, but Vaughn and Peterson explain these attacks away as non-shark accidents, because the thought of another shark in Amity's waters would drive... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giorgos V (jp) wrote: Exairetiko...remake ala russia!!

lovely l (nl) wrote: Charlize Theron gave me headache just seeing the 1st 5 mins of this movie..Being annoying with her typical performance,..

Andrew C (au) wrote: Honestly, Sci-fi knows how to make a franchise sequel. This is completely true to the original. I just wish they didn't make films to fit timeslots and could add some much needed gore and nudity (haha...it is still a horror movie). But really, this is a great sequel to Pumpkinhead and worth checking out if you like the original.

Benedek A (ag) wrote: I tought it will be an amazing crime movie... I'm so dissapointed, but it's not that bad at all. 3.5/5.

Louna C (jp) wrote: The character John Wilson, as played by Eastwood, is on camera most of the time, obviously the focus of the film. He is does not seem egomaniacal to me at all (as in the 'movie info' review here), but is gracious, engaging, gregarious, and the magnanimous hero of 9/10 of the film. The hairpin turn at the end, and Eastwood's presentation of a character in as much of a shock as the viewer are what make the film such a great center-piece for discussion, and a venue for criticism of one's motives.

Dillon L (jp) wrote: It isn't John Wayne's best movie, but certainly one of his most entertaining. Howard Hawks directed this? Well, all the better.

Eric R (ca) wrote: A group of people spend their time playing a game called "Gotcha!" on UCLA campus. It's a paintball game where they hunt one and other. Although Jonathan is the best at this game, he fails when it comes to the ladies. Jonathan and his best friend, Manolo, head off to Europe for summer vacation where Jonathan meets a mysterious woman, Sasha, who ends up getting Jonathan wrapped up in international espionage. Gotcha! is a strong premise, but the execution just isn't as strong as the concept. It's intent is to be a comedy/action/thriller and it does have moments of both comedy and exciting sequences but it just felt kinda tame compared to some other films in the genre. The second half of the film mostly involves Jonathan alone, trying to find someone who believes him and his crazy story about espionage; which is definitely the better half of the film. Anthony Edwards is perfectly cast as the lead character; he plays the clueless, lovable loser quite well. I really think the film just takes too long to get going, particularly considering the genre.

Esther T (ag) wrote: Disturbing and disgusting. Wished I never saw it.

Marisa M (us) wrote: Practically perfect in every way.

Brett B (it) wrote: Schlocky but effective, IT! bears a very strong resemblance to Ridley Scott's ALIEN, and while it lacks the technical polish of that (admittedly superior) film, this is still a lot of fun. The cast is surprisingly strong, the alien design is kind of nifty (or charmingly hokey, one or the other...), and there's some genuine claustrophobic tension generated by director Cahn. Above average 1950's science fiction.

Blake P (mx) wrote: Yes, Fred and Rita together! Dancer Robert (Astaire) has traveled to Buenos Aries and has met a rich entrepreneur (Menjou) and his family. All of his daughters are getting married, except the gorgeous Maria (Hayworth). So to get her to finally get hitched, he sends love letters to her, claiming that they're from Robert. But all goes wrong when they actually fall in love. You Were Never Lovelier was the second and final pairing of Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire after the smash of 1941's "You'll Never Get Rich". Known for the fact that Hayworth was his favorite dancing partner, Astaire really proved it here. The dances are very memorable, and people who didn't know Rita was a dancer will be certainly shocked at how skilled she actually is, and is definitely the perfect match for Fred. Not much plot, and not that great of acting necessarily fills this movie, however, the feel- good fun quality to it makes up so much for it. You Were Never Lovelier is a decent musical, and any fans of the amazing duo starring will certainly get a special treat.

Thomas K (jp) wrote: Proof that you can do a lot with a very small budget.

Aaron M (br) wrote: Euro Trip is a surprisingly enjoyable movie considering similar movies to date. Whilst it contains nudity, college themes and drugs and alcohol its much more toned than similar movies making for a more polished experience. The plot is simple but familiar but these group of friends are all likeable and endure some funny moments together. It can be compared to the likes of Road Trip and American Pie, its also every bit as strong even if you hate to admit it. If your not sensitive to its contents than I'm sure you'll have a laugh or two.

Dan P (it) wrote: This might be the most (unintentionally) hilarious movie I've ever watched.

Ashley H (gb) wrote: Salmon Fishing in Yemen is an excellent film. It is about a fisheries expert who is approached by a consultant to help a sheik's vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to the desert. Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. Lasse Hallstrom did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and romance. Salmon Fishing in Yemen is a must see.

Mort P (it) wrote: It's hard to believe so many good reviewers chose to knock down this exceptional movie (yes, I mean an exceptionally good movie), unless of course they read each other's reviews and were ashamed to write an approving word. How that could be the case, I can't imagine. So I'll just say the apparent consensus is wrong, and by no slight margin, either.