A music student is expeled from school because he loves jazz, a kind of music that represents the US capitalism. He hires two street musicians to form a dixie band, and goes from one city ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jazz,  

A music student is expeled from school because he loves jazz, a kind of music that represents the US capitalism. He hires two street musicians to form a dixie band, and goes from one city ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ninjaw P (us) wrote: ca part plutot bien, drole, gras et vulgaire pour un film de filles, et puis ca devient vite super lourd et incomprehensible, quand l'autre conne devient folle.

Matthew P (mx) wrote: Michelle Williams is a wonderful actress, but this is a shallow soap-opera, which never seems to fully portray the titular character.

Don S (br) wrote: Scenario - you live in a house, by design, in the middle of nowhere. Some stranger comes to your door carrying a medical bag saying that his car broke down as he was "driving by" and that he cuts up people for a living. Of course, the family invites him to stay until morning and pays the price. There is nothing good here except for the smashing (and very young) Alexandra Chandro.

Dean K (ca) wrote: A good fo[low up to the first film Kidulthood, set 6 years later with Sam being released from prison. It's not quite as dramatic as the first, but still a good film. Nice to see the majority of the same cast, made 3 years after the first, now looking a bit older. This film centers around Sam mainly. Some might find the slang a bit too quick, hard to understand......but a lot of young boys do sound like that in London! A good film dealing with revenge and growing up and showing that violence wont get you anywhere.

Marco M (ca) wrote: Despues de ver esto solo puedo decir: Gracias a Islandia por parir a estos seres y a bjork. Fin.

Thomas T (kr) wrote: Having a best friend is most likely going to be the most irreplaceable aspect anyone can encounter, an aspect that actors Jonah Hill and Michael Cera managed to demonstrate so brilliantly, it works in Superbad, a comedy that knows what the teenage life is all about.

Samuel V (ag) wrote: Please don't judge the book by it's COVER. This movie it's not about a book, It's about well.... Trust me you will love it or your money back... go watch this movie with you spouse and some friends I guarantee you will spend the whole night talking about it. Promise. "just kidding about the money back" Okay

Julio S (es) wrote: Funny...Anna Farris kills these roles!!

Tom B (gb) wrote: John Sayles makes warm movies about people. If we should be able to understand the story with the sound off then it's safe to say the story here is about people in their place, their environment, moving in and out of various settings, observing, talking, reflecting, acting out their courses of action. Sayles makes talking pictures so to grasp his story fully we need to hear what the people are saying, for like a good book the details of the pasts and the intentions add many layers. This one is about familiar Sayles themes of land development, crime, small business and big, and above all, community, and the links between people at various stations within their community, and the motivations that drive them. Interconnectedness, and our value on the land, how we value the land we live on, and how the land shapes people's drives. In some ways Sunshine State is a preparation for Silver City, a sprawling cross-section of people's lives and the threads that tie it all together. The two films work well together. Both contain their amusments and more serious tones, but in some ways Sunshine State is the more evocative, the warmer film, more interested perhaps in basking in how well we seem to go with our natural surroundings when we allow ourselves to fit in with nature, instead of subjugating it. To be conscientious gardners who inhabit the garden. Lovely lovely stuff.

Matt S (br) wrote: Decent movie, low budget. Lot's of plot twists and pretty interesting story. Plus it's got Kiefer in it.

Thomas L (nl) wrote: Bizarre bit of Sci-fi....best thing I can say for it is that it has a 22 year old Maryam d'Abo!

Senor C (gb) wrote: The legendary Richard Pryor caught in a mediocre film but quite often that was the case for the comedian. Too often he wasn't given the projects to match his talent. Bustin Loose is one of those film & I think the biggest problem is that it doesn't know it's target audience so the comedy suffers. This movie was a staple when I was a kid but because of the language it really isn't a kid's movie. It's not like you want your ten year old to pick up the word 'mother-fucker' like me but this comes off as a R rated family dramedy. There are some funny bits like w/ the KKK (I still laugh when Pryor kisses that klan member on the lips) but after about an hour it runs out of steam. W/ out Pryor this would be a one star movie.

Allison K (br) wrote: While I prefer the absurdity of The Naked Gun just a little more (mostly because I adore Leslie Nielsen), there is no doubt that this film wrote the book on spoof movies. And that's coming from a lifelong Mel Brooks fan. It is quotable, memorable, and so brilliantly stupid. I loved it, and I look forward to using its quotes in my everyday dialogue.

Shae L (it) wrote: My favorite football film!

Amber L (us) wrote: Fun rom-com, classic!

J K (ca) wrote: Godzilla > Rodan in just about every way, even despite the fact their movies are identical, they're just the same dude in a different rubber suit.

Oscar H (ru) wrote: Helfestlig skrattfest till dinosaurierulle. De lga produktionsvrdena och de mnga "vad fan sysslar de med"-scenerna lyfter filmen ett par snpp mer n vad den egentligen frtjnar. Exempelvis frgar man sig, nr P-rexen bde lper och simmar amok i samhllet: varfr ringer ingen snuten? r telefonen inte uppfunnen? Varfr skjuter alla i 75-gradig vinkel upp i luften, trots att monstret befinner sig ett femtiotal meter bakom dem, strax ovanfr vattenlinjen? Hur kommer det sig att vraket frn en jttelik yacht bara bestr av tv bensindunkar och ett par flytvstar? Vart tog den lilla dinosaurien vgen? Hur kan den stora springa p vattnet?Fan vet.