Je préfère qu'on reste amis

Je préfère qu'on reste amis

One is too shy to start a relationship, other too unsettled to stay in one. Will their friendship help them to find the right woman for both?

One is too shy to start a relationship, other too unsettled to stay in one. Will their friendship help them to find the right woman for both? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Je préfère qu'on reste amis torrent reviews

oskyldig s (gb) wrote: The seeds of desire are sometimes borne by the dark waters of desire. However disturbing and intense, one is always left asking "why?"

Shanmukha N (gb) wrote: As usual awesome job By Farhan Akthar

Josep P (it) wrote: Mapa de los sonidos de Tokyo [2009]

John B (au) wrote: Very good film. It illustrates why we need teachers who are committed to education and that children - no matter the locale - act like children.

Keely M (br) wrote: I love all the movies

Darren G (ca) wrote: Tried to walk in the footsteps of Blair Witch but came up miserably short.

Ryan P (au) wrote: A few potentially interesting ideas and a couple of creepy scenes, played out in interminably boring fashion.

Holly B (es) wrote: funny film. i really liked it : )

Demian A (it) wrote: Entretiene y emociona.Y, quin es Dick Watson? :-)

John C (es) wrote: Digging deeper than it appears, Friday exposes the best of Ice Cube.

Heidi D (ca) wrote: Sequel to Heidi. Casted c Charlie Sheen as Peter

Glenn D (es) wrote: less action, more thriller, to much blablabla from seagal. ATL is a mis-try from seagal to make something more than his usual movies

Drew C (ag) wrote: "Rawhead Rex" I think the name alone sold me on this movie. Set in a Irish Catholic country side, this demon-monster movie is simply glorious and gets better with every watch. The monster worshiping preacher really helps set the stage as Rawhead goes around devouring people like someone coming off a 7 day cleanse mixed with some bath salt consumption. The film has that classically obvious fast forward look that makes the movie that much goofier at times of high tension. The best part of the whole movie and why this will forever be a horror classic is simply that Rawheads face is out of this world rediculous. He looks like a monster that went through a Bert Reynolds like face stretching and just makes me laugh.

Michael B (br) wrote: Brilliant film. Saw it as a teenager and watched it again today with Nonie. Great actors, great location and great story.

Mr D (ru) wrote: Well it`s a worthy sequel only they shouldn`t show the babies too much they look like shaved Chuckies.Just as the first movie it is intresting from a darwinist perspective, even a bit more than the first one.

Diggity H (us) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie. Creepy, funny and original. Look forward to more movies by this director.

Frankie D (it) wrote: I like the game universe better than the films, and this movie sticks with the game we know and love.

Sharon o (ca) wrote: Easy watching comedy. Great cast, comical timing and had a few chuckles!