Je suis un no man's land

Je suis un no man's land


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David L (au) wrote: First Singaporean film for me, and there's a lot of heart, tho the story of the brat meeting the domestic help at first seem trite, its a story that so desperately needs to be told as thats such a big element in Asian society thus far ignored. Wd have been good for the irector to tell us this was set in the late 90's. Thught this was present day Singa.

Dinesh P (mx) wrote: The premise is very nice but film looses its steam mid way. A small film of 1.25 hrs but still if fails to hold you in portions.

Jesse K (es) wrote: Vastly underrated. The biggest complaint I've heard is about the camerawork which I understand, although I found the "wandercam" to be really effective. For some reason it worked for me. Besides that I thought all of the performances were great and the film had me engaged. It's funny how the film can feel so realistic but also have a dreamlike quality. The only thing that started to feel a little "off" was the ending. I would have preferred the original ending they had planned but I'm still satisfied overall.

Spencer P (nl) wrote: Fascinating and exciting, this true story of an insane high wire walker has both substance and perspective, but it doesn't feel as immersive as it should be.

Nilufer R (au) wrote: This was a pretty boring little movie. If it wasn't for the cute dog and the kindness of ordinary men, not worth my time I'd say. I already dislike Michelle Williams and this movie just strengthened my thoughts of her.

Nic F (nl) wrote: Best Bionicle Movie ever

Ioanna L (fr) wrote: I didn't understand why this movie was even made. Sorry.

Cam C (fr) wrote: One of the most insane, disgustingly explicit films I've ever seen..and not in a good way. Makes Salo look like Babe. Just. Wow.

Fallon B (jp) wrote: A brilliant masterpiece of a movie that offers a dry, blunt slice of life in a suburban neighborhood.

April E (au) wrote: I love this movie...and sometimes I imagine how the story could continue.

Antti Q (jp) wrote: The first movie of the famous Chinese director. Already showing some of the beautiful aesthetics of his later spectacles.

Allan C (kr) wrote: Okay H.G. Welles adaptation is highlighted by excellent Ray Harryhausen stop motion special effects. The film starts off a bit slow and has some clunky comedy sprinkled throughout the film, but the main attraction of this film is once they reach the moon and start to fight the various moon monsters.

Trung N (au) wrote: The cinematography is beautiful ! I love it.

EllenRebekah A (de) wrote: Oh, does Dear Tennant know how to do madness. Shakespeare is certainly easier to get into in action, you get context clues as my third grader says. Still hard for me to understand, but Tennant and all the rest put on a great performance. I was prepared to watch in two parts but having started earlier enough, and having interest enough, I watched the near three hours in one sitting.

jeff c (gb) wrote: we need more free food

Tyler J (gb) wrote: One of the most criminally underrated movies of all time. Sly gives probably his performance next to the new rocky performance and is really subdued. Everyone else including the great de Niro is on their A game. Mangold directs a perfect looking but slightly overlong crime drama with gripping tension.