The plot revolves around Jeevan Thakur's fight against the local cunning money lender Lala & his ally Inspector Dushant Singh with revenge for killing his parents.

Abducted by Dacoits at a very young age, Jeevan Thakur ends up as a Dacoit and becomes a legend of his own by creating terror and fear amongst folks in the region, and comes to be known as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jeeva torrent reviews

Rai A (us) wrote: One of a few films with classic Hyderabad setting, style, Dialogue, and antics. funny story. worth a watch

KissaHime (nl) wrote: Overall, a great film with a great cast. The conflict between Abner (Hal Holbrook)and Lonzo (Ray McKinnon)ranges from hilarious to dangerous, which always makes you wonder what each of the men are going to do next to get back at each other. I loved the relationship between Abner and Pamela (Mia Wasikowska) as it transformed from the little-girl-bothering-the-old-coot to grandpa-figure-protecting-the-younger-generation. Overall, I felt the movie was well done. For me, I was slightly disappointed with the ending. I was expecting more to come from the conflict. In the end, this is a film I would suggest others to see if they want to see a film that's both comedic and thriller/action.

Scott W (br) wrote: pretty good movie....

A S (ru) wrote: Somewhat predictable but great!!!I Loved it, it was practicably perfect and that scene in the restaurant, I just couldn't believe it, it was just hilarious.

Angie L (mx) wrote: :fresh: :fresh: I liked this movie a lot, it's moving, involving, and humanistic.I thought that this film was going to be another WWII drama, but this one is original and touching.

Zahran Z (ag) wrote: Small town, Hillbillies...Love it

Karen H (au) wrote: 2016-04-27 silly but lots of action and not bad except for the misnamed 'administrative punishment'.

Greg W (es) wrote: gr8 cast and a train r the fuel that make this journey by train go

Claire B (mx) wrote: I have loved this film ever since I was wee, still do, just a small reminder that animals have their own personalities and how much they can bring to a persons life, like Eilsa the lion did to these folks & just like Murphy (dog) did to ours. I miss him very much.

Nathan G (it) wrote: I will watch this over and over again if only for "the ugly bug ball." Low budget effects make them dance. I love it. Plus I like Burl Ives.

Steff A (us) wrote: This movie is a one surrealistic trick pony but still it is a great trick. It is about a bunch of bourgeois folks being trapped in a mansion's room where they were invited for a dinner party. There is nothing preventing them from leaving, they just can't leave. In addition to that the people outside can't get in. The script from this point on becomes stupidity and absurdism of the high class at its finest. The characters become savages as if stranded on an island, when they can simoly walk outside the room anytime they want! The dialogues are witty and never hide their stupidity. The cast delivers them in a great fashion and in general create a nice ensemble piece. The pacing and direction keep the movie interesting while most of it is spent inside a room. If it wasn't a one trick pony and had some more surrealistic imagery we would be talking about a five star film. Still, nice one Buuel!

Irene B (kr) wrote: I like Raymond burrs character But The dubbing was pretty badYou should see my review of the Japanese version if you want more information about the movie. I'm just addressing what was in this and not in the original

LaZanne S (mx) wrote: I loved this movie, I just think it was a little before it's time and the people who criticized it so harshly. Other than that Ms Beckly did a great job.