Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy

Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy

Sandip Ray's next where 4 ghost stories are spun together in a comical twist surrounding unusual events.The film is a collection of four short films based on four Bengali short stories- Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay's - Bhut Bhabishyat, Satyajit Ray's- Brown Saheber Bari, Anath Babur Bhoy and Lucknow-er Duel.

Sandip Ray's next where 4 ghost stories are spun together in a comical twist surrounding unusual events.The film is a collection of four short films based on four Bengali short stories- ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sammy R (ru) wrote: Surprisingly really good!

Jeff C (ag) wrote: Terrible. Quite literally the worst movie I've ever seen.

Calvin R (us) wrote: Dream Boy is not like most LGTB films its premise is great then it gets better and better as the film unfolds in this love tragic mythical tale.Dream Boy actors Stephan Benders, Maximillian Roeg do a outstanding performance from the beginning to the end, and they have a good chemistry and well they are both cute! The dialogue between the two was great and the other actors added more spark to the film.Overall a great tragic love tale that the ending I wasn't really to happy with it, instead it made me shed tears, but this is how the film is, and it kinda reminded me of Romeo & Juliet type of take.

Robert I (jp) wrote: What a cast! But this looks terrible. Another film about making films... So only film people are going to go. We all know how this goes.

DenisSteve G (nl) wrote: Excellent. On y decouvre un homme simple, qui a eu beaucoup de vecu et qui reconnait ses fautes. Tous les snobs du cinema devraient voir ce documentaire afin de voir qu'un vrai artiste est aussi terre-a-terre.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: A calming experience and ulimately rewarding achievement in the long run. If you have the patience for its nearly four hour run-time and look past a few flaws, this is a moving, grand journey with really good performances and exquisite production value.

Tim K (nl) wrote: No where near the classic original but has a good scene or two. ...and is Zelda Rubinstein the quintessential Morris the Explainer or what?

Stephen M (jp) wrote: A fairly decent adaptation of a good psychological thriller by Sbastien Japrisot, scripted by the author himself. The trouble with it is, the book's greatest strengths - the richly detailed provincial French setting and the vivid characterisation, resulting from a multiple first-person narrative - prove difficult to translate to the screen, at least within the constraints of a sensible running time. The movie, therefore, somehow manages to feel simultaneously watered-down and overlong. Japrisot attempts to preserve his first-person narrative in voiceover form, but he overuses this device considerably; I've nothing against voiceovers per se, but cinema should primarily be about visual storytelling, and any movie this reliant on narration must be doing something wrong!Switching from coquettish sexiness to childlike vulnerability in the blink of an eye, Isabelle Adjani is marvellous in the lead role, but try to imagine the film without her and it begins to look very ordinary indeed. The rest of the cast are fine, though strictly two-dimensional. Jean Becker's direction is adequate but completely lacking in tension; a first-rate director - say, Claude Chabrol in his prime - would have made more of the psychosexual strangeness of the tale, and would have better disguised the fact that the nicely ironic ending hinges on a pretty indigestible coincidence. My advice: read the book; if you like it, watch this for Adjani.

Heather M (kr) wrote: Silly, but fun to watch once.

Nikki N (ag) wrote: Powerful enhanced storyline.