Jenny ger igen

Jenny ger igen

A serious story with a twist, tells us about a woman's revenge of a man, a creep who harasses women, among them her own daughter.

A serious story with a twist, tells us about a woman's revenge of a man, a creep who harasses women, among them her own daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tanner M (es) wrote: After two marvelous paranormal activity movies we get a not so marvelous one. I will say the ghost (Tobe) was very creepy, and I did jump a few times. I also like how this movie is a prequel (I don't know why it's called "Paranormal Activity 3" but who cares) it's cool to learn how these characters grew up. My big complaint is what happens in the last quarter of the movie. It is completely all over the place. I will say it was creepy to watch the dad run around yelling for his wife. My heart started pounding at that time. Then we realize the grandma is some how connected to the ghost and kills her daughter and son in law for no good reason. So many questions that I hope they awnser in the sequel. So overall it was entertaining with good scares so I recommend you watch it if you like ghost movies.

Ashley C (fr) wrote: it almost made me feel asleep the only thing that made me stay awake b/c it was very jumpy movie

Juliano K (de) wrote: patricinhas de beverly hills all over again!!!

Paolo Miguel H (us) wrote: my favourite in all of the anaconda series

Kurt L (kr) wrote: I don't see the big deal in Johnny Depp movies, but this casting director was phenomenal. Pee-wee Herman as a salon owner and bob goldthwait as the chemist was perfect. It is one of my favorite movies.It was so surreal and the acting was so good that I dislike Selma Hayek. In the movie she was just some wetback that screwed her way into wealth and fame just like she did in real life! She was cast for a the most natural part.

Andrew O (de) wrote: When we were kings is not only an exceptional documentary, it sheds more light into Muhammad Ali and George Foreman psyche, interesting factors on the social aspects of Africa and the US but the most astounding thing on this documentary, it brings you face to face with Muhammad Ali, the champion himself.

Tyler S (ca) wrote: Harvey Keitel gave a damn good perfrormance about a corrupt cop, who is severely addicted to drugs. He does anything at anytime and simply doesn't care about what he is doing to his body. He is on a case of a gang rape in a church that happened to a nun. The movie doesn't look at him trying to solve the case, as it does more of him just getting messed up all day long. The psyche of this guy is crazy. I was wondering where the movie was going. What it was building up to. The ending was decent as it just explored a man at the end of his road, who not only is addicted to drugs, but gambling...he is a man of many vices that ultimately come to bite him bad when all said and done.While Kietel was absolutely fantastic, the movie needed more plot underneath the man to make this a 4 star movie.It was just watching a guy get high all movie, which got a little old.

p b (es) wrote: Ray Liotta is a fav and Kiefer Sutherland is ok, so with a fairly good script this is actually really good!

Kimberly K (jp) wrote: I loved this movie! It needed a sequel though!

Andr D (br) wrote: Una especie de secuela a "Pretty In Pink", mucho mas seria que la anterior y que busca explotar la quimica entre Molly Ringwald y Andrew McCarthy. Sin John Cryer, la ecuacion queda incompleta y la cosa no funciona mucho.

Greggory K (br) wrote: My favorite Duke movie ever. Soundtrack is pure Bernstein bliss!

Glynn S (ca) wrote: Guerrilla action on Leyte during WW2

Ed Q (de) wrote: "Whirlpool" is silly and generic.