Jerry and Tom

Jerry and Tom

Tom and Jerry are two hit men, they work by day at a third-rate second-hand car dealership. Tom is a veteran and Jerry is a novice in their business, and their attitude toward their profession differs a lot. It shows when Tom is required to kill his old friend Karl.

Tom and Jerry are two hit men, they work by day at a third-rate second-hand car dealership. Tom is a veteran and Jerry is a novice in their business, and their attitude toward their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris C (ru) wrote: This is a major indie failure, wasted talent all around. I couldn't believe the love story between young Fox and old Rourke. This is defintely not Rourke's shining moment. Nor is it Murray, who played a better gangster in Mad dog and Glory. And congragulates, Glazer you managed to make a ending that raises more questions than answers. Please go watch anything else, go watch The Wrestler for Mickey Rourke, go watch Transformers for Megan Fox or go watch Mad dog and glory for Bill Murray as an actually threatening gangster. What the hell was up with Rhys Ifans' character anyway?

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