A young woman recuperating at her father's run-down home after a tragic accident soon encounters a terrifying presence with a connection to her long-deceased mother.

Jessabelle returns to her childhood house in Louisiana after a terrible car accident. Hereby Jessabelle has to confront to a horrify spirit who has been waiting for her return and intending not to let her go this time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jessabelle torrent reviews

Tanvir M (kr) wrote: A suspenseful South Korean thriller with plenty of black humor thrown in.

I dont know w (kr) wrote: Just looks stupid. Thank god it didn't gain popularity.

Nonya B (fr) wrote: This movie was horrible and really slow in my opinion I am genuinely upset that I sat here and watched it.

Matt K (gb) wrote: It's not amazing, but its very funny a lot of the time. Another winner for A. Brooks!

MF J (ru) wrote: This film is a remake of an older film but it manages to be both entertaining and thrilling enough to keep you guessing about the issue of this plane crash in the desert of Gobi & how the crew manages to survive and try to repair the plane.

Ian M (it) wrote: Completely original! Extremely funny, and lots of gore... Just the way I like my horrors. Although the gay guy getting killed from a skewer through his arse to his mouth... Pretty harsh man.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: A tense thriller with Julia Roberts in the lead role, escaping her deranged psycho husband.

Paul B (au) wrote: Convincing performances and mature writing aid in displaying Soderbergh's incredible talent, though a movie covering such provocative and deeply disturbed subject matter should be just a touch funnier, and more entertaining.

Charles James I (it) wrote: The first official film made on John Dillinger, Public Enemy #1. Although, I am reading that the smoke bomb bank robbery scene was actually spliced in directly from the 1937 film "You Only Live Once". So we are told a short and brief story of Dillinger, in only 70 mins. A very smart montage was used to accelerate the "coming up" phase of the story, as is used in so many other gangster flicks. We are given insight into the mind of Dillinger, and what made him tick, so to speak. He was driven by his greed, and love for women. We learn how ruthless he was, and how his audacity took him to the top, and essentially brought him back down.A very primitively shot film, but with great intent, and solid acting from Lawrence Tierney as Dillinger. A very dark film, naturally, and has been debated whether or not deserves the title of 'noir'. Regardless, I say it's a damn fine American classic, that should be in any moviehead's repertoire.

Damian M (es) wrote: I don't think this is as good as most pissed off young adults but it is still very interesting. I prefer Brokeback Mountain, but what do I know?

Ian M (ag) wrote: I adore Rebel Wilson. Her and a few other lead actresses really shine in this. It's very Glee if it was trying to be overly funny which is 50/50 as to when the humour lands and when it doesn't. Definitely enjoyed it, but would rather listen to some of the mix mashup tapes the lead character was creating at times. Those sounded wicked.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Just about worthwhile as a conspiracy thriller. It's a relic from the cold war era without referring to it.

Rich S (kr) wrote: Chastain is more than fine as the title character. The rest of the film is as vapid and cliched as "Showgirls," the only difference being "Jolene" takes itself far too seriously to reach 'so bad it's good' territory. This soap opera spends more time on the sexuality than the reasons behind why she is making these poor decisions, making it more exploitation than exposition.