Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise

Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise

Small-time police chief and struggling alcoholic Jesse Stone looks into the murder of a teen-age girl whose body is found floating in a local lake. The case brings the former LAPD cop up against the Boston mob and into the affluent world of a bestselling writer who exploits troubled teens.

The film content: Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise is a American television film directed by Robert Harmon based on the novel Death in Paradise by Robert B. Parker. The film tells a story about a police chief in a small town investigating the murder of a teenage girl whose body is found floating in a lake. Secrets and problems are ahead. What await them? Enjoy the film to discover by yourself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise torrent reviews

Kristen M (ru) wrote: Quirky, beautiful, and deeply charming.

MF J (jp) wrote: Another nice idea of a film that unfortunately falls completely flat. The cast is doing their best but the direction isn't helping anyone, the jokes are sometimes funny, but most of the time this film feels uninspired, slow, dumb & cliche....Really nt my cup of tea.

Anya S (kr) wrote: Very interesting subject matter, but the way that it was put together I felt was very poor and there could have been many improvements. Although watching you could tell there was a lot of effort put into finding all of these people that they interviewed.

Eduardo C (nl) wrote: I bet people from Mississippi hate this film, lol. Only Woody Allen could have made this bizarre, hilarious charmer that will sometimes leave you speechless but always entertained. The main character is obviously Woody in all but name, and his stream of consciousness is the probably the most open and out there Woody has ever gotten on film. Parts of it may annoy your sensibilities, but i find it utterly hilarious. For the life of me, i can't understand why the critics disparage this film. It is one of Woody's very best, and the ending is utter perfection.

Guilherme J (jp) wrote: O filme bem divertido quando no tenta ser mais esperto do que , e as cenas de luta so muito boas.

Ariel H (es) wrote: Not your average zombie film. With the making of a documentary feel you are taken behind the scenes as two colleagues explore the world of zombies in America. One of the main conflicts is the opposing views from the two directors as they embark on their trip to tell the story of the rising zombie population as well as give you a wonderfully done and acted insight into four zombies who are their main interviewees. The zombies themselves are played beautifully and the cast does a phenomenal job in bringing them to life. You find yourself drawn into the characters and actually feeling an emotional response to what is going on as these four (main) zombies take you into their mindset on what is important and what they cling to as the living dead. Their desires to have rights and to be seen as more than just corpses. Their strong emotional ties to what is right and wrong, what made them who they are/were and what they hope to be. This film draws you in in ways that most films now a days have lost almost all power of doing and in an undoctored way breaks the typical character molds. It is filmed and presented in a very raw footage way for a documentry. However DO NOT let that detour you from watching this film. There are some wonderful twists and its wonderfully deep. Hope you take the time to enjoy.

Eric P (kr) wrote: it started out pretty terribly but got kindof cool kind of confusing @ the end though but all in alll a good movie... not as good as some of the 8 films but better then a couple

Wes S (fr) wrote: One of the better Sci-Fi Channel films in my opinion. A good monster and a great ending, characters could have used a little more work but it had some good scenes.

Amanda M (nl) wrote: Corny, very corny, and terrible music for the limbo scenes, yet I still enjoy it.

bill s (mx) wrote: Not a bad action movie but really not one to see a 2nd time either.

Chiek E (mx) wrote: Charming romantic comedy. Everybody was too nice to be believable though. Including marine biologist - the Doc, played by the youthful and handsome Nick Nolte. Also too nice was Dora Flood, the owner of whorehouse Bear Flag Restaurant. She is kind to her girls and is always ready to help the poor and needy. I must read Steinbeck's original story on this.

Scott R (es) wrote: One from my childhood that I will always love.

Heather M (jp) wrote: For and Asian nunsploitation movie, this is far more artful and resonant that one would expect. It's silly and over the top, but has beautiful photography and a strangley intricate plotline.

Joseph S (au) wrote: A man trying to make a voice while making inner changes for himself. I thought the main character's father (Harris) played an outstanding role for being an alcoholic father who never cared about his son.

David M (ca) wrote: A lush, visual masterpiece by Visconti, staring the Farley Granger in his prime!

Tommaso D (kr) wrote: A really engaging feel-good comedy about the on-the-road adventures (and misadventures) of an ordinary (or maybe not) family.The cast don't deliver amazing performances as in this movie is the fast and twisty screenplay that does most part of the job. And it's more than enough.

Isaac T (it) wrote: the story isn't really interesting making it really boring the comedy is just ridiculous the characters will make you laugh..... but rarely the plot of the movie is so simple yet it takes forever for it to move to one scene to another but the animation is typical dreamworks

Joshua D (fr) wrote: best rendition of a children's book one could make at the time.

Lee M (us) wrote: Between a 4/10 and 5/10, The result plays like bad poetry, eager to fool around with symbols, but unable to use them complexly or to realize their transformative potential.