Jessica Darling's It List

Jessica Darling's It List

Jessica Darling – a smart, witty, opinionated girl heading into 7th grade – was never too concerned about where she'd fit in the middle school hierarchy. But before her first day of school, her older sister — the super popular Bethany, now in college—decides to help out by giving her the “It List”—a cheat sheet on how to navigate the middle school maze and rise to the top of the popularity chain. The instructions appear simple enough to follow, but, like life, nothing is as easy as it seems.

The film tells the story of Jessica Darling, a smart, witty, opinionated girl heading into 7th grade. Her older sister gives her the "IT List," a checklist on how to navigate the middle school popularity hierarchy. But following the list's rules proves to be harder than the younger sister first thought. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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