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Jesuit Joe

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Greg D (de) wrote: Loved this movie. Compelling, fascinating, inspirational true story of Rodriguez and his resurrection from obscurity. Truly remarkable.....a must see

Andrew J (es) wrote: This was well and truly awful, came across it on Netflix after a recommendation from my parents who said it was hilarious, I was so disappointed. Not even the great Turk Turkleton himself, Donald Faison could save it. The film was just a downright insult to the comedy genre and 20 minutes seemed like 3 hours, I couldn't wait for it to end. The film is basically what The Hangover would be like if it wasn't funny, and had an awful cast.

Justin J (br) wrote: Very sad movie showing the repercussions of the neglect society has for street children. We are our own demise.

Madelaine D (ag) wrote: Exquisita! es simplemente una muy bonita historia con muy buenas imagines y un escenario musical de muy buena calidad.

Adam R (fr) wrote: Michael J. Fox learns that he is a werewolf in a campy eighties teen comedy. It's somewhat entertaining. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

John S (ag) wrote: Dolemite is hilariously stupid and awesomely bad. Not as enjoyable as some other b-movies but still well-worth the watch for the worst acting you'll ever see, and some outrageously awesome dialogue.

Jonathan T (it) wrote: Go ahead, say it: this sounds like the gayest movie ever. Unfortunately it's not. My mom loves it, I watched it too. Julie Andrews has a beautiful voice, the lavish sets are impressive. "Crepe Suzette" is one hot number.

Greg W (es) wrote: not the best entry in the 'road series' but still watchable