Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

The first testament says "an eye for an eye." - The second testament says "love thy neighbour." - The third testament ... Kicks Ass!!!

Kung-Fu Action / Comedy / Horror / Musical about the second coming. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rhys G (us) wrote: The film is overtly theatrical, and this is evident the performances from its brilliant cast. Maybe the film would have fared better on stage - I'm not sure this story is right or entirely works on the screen. That said, however, it's too nicely done to dismiss.

Kyle B (it) wrote: Terrible movie. Awful dialogue.

Aaron V (br) wrote: A little disappointing. It has an open ending so maybe this series will continue again in the future.

Neal D (jp) wrote: A quirky dark comedy very intelligently written somewhat modern day version of Ferris Bruellers Day Off but much darker. A master of manipulation Charlie uses his charming skills to alter events to go his way. I thought it was brilliant because it was a teen angst type film but done in such a unique witty way.

DeJon D (es) wrote: An enjoyable movie that brings me nostalgic feelings just like other DreamWorks movies and Pixar movies. It may not surpass Finding Nemo, but it's a winner for DreamWorks!

Jrmie A (de) wrote: One of the best sci-fi movie ever. Minority Report is 3 movies compiled in one, an action/sci-fi/thriller. One of the smartest blockbusters I've ever seen watched.

Anthony G (ru) wrote: Really interesting film! Captures the impressiveness and strangeness of such a small world. I would have liked a more exhilarating soundtrack, scientific narration, or written/pop-up facts. The insect world sounds were interesting, but not something to make the majority of the audio. None the less, I was entertained.

stefn birgir s (ru) wrote: Disappointing compared to the other Savage Steve Holland 80s teen flicks. Fun though.

Faith M (au) wrote: The hype behind this movie is justified. Intriguing and complex, Nolan delves into his reoccuring theme of reality yet again. Despite the surreal nature of the film, the characters are presented with depth and emotional realism that ground the film enough to make it relatable to the audience. This is the type of movie that is a consistent gift, altering details becoming more prominent and spectulations can be made with every watch.

Jason K (mx) wrote: Any movie with Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" playing in a gun fight is going to be good.