Jeux d'enfants

Jeux d'enfants


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1986
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Jeux d'enfants torrent reviews

Terri B (nl) wrote: I didn't want to like this movie, but I did. I don't think that this was a phenomenal performance by Kristen Stewart, but the story is another one that makes you think. While I am certain that there ARE detainees in Gitmo who are guilty, how many are there who are NOT?

Amy K (kr) wrote: Better than most blockbuster ghost movies. This movie is highly underrated.

Courtney S (us) wrote: Loved the books, I REALLY want to see the movie now!!!

stefn birgir s (ag) wrote: A man and his horse. Incredibly boring, considering... yeah.

InTing H (kr) wrote: The only reason I'd probably want to see this is because it was filmed at my high school.

Steve G (kr) wrote: Terrific film, Philip Seymour Hoffman shows he's one of the best actors around, playing the addicted bank manager perfectly. The plot is obvious a mile away, its the performance that keeps you engaged. A must see.

Austin W (jp) wrote: this film is a shamless attempt to cash in on the lost world jurassic park hype of the time. it has little magic, cheap scares, d grade special effects, and little since of adventure. but it has something jurassic park lacks and thats the b movie charm the critically acclaimed special effects epics like jurassic park couldnt dream of catching.

Andy C (ag) wrote: Cyber-cheese! One of those movies that feels like it was half-assed.

idhasi h (mx) wrote: WEll,when u like someone, its better to say it straight to the person..

Angelo Dean B (us) wrote: 2.5 StarsRockwell did a good performance, some scenes were good and gave me a little thrill, but overal it was 50%

007 W (it) wrote: Pretty good, not as good as the first one but still good, the celebraties and muppets save this movie

Kenneth L (de) wrote: sometimes difficult to follow all the tech hacking that drove all the action.