Jewel Thief

Jewel Thief

Vinay, an ordinary young man who finds himself constantly mistaken for a look-alike jewel thief named Amar. Vinay works with the police to impersonate Amar and crack his crime ring--but it seems that Amar has decided to impersonate Vinay, as well, and soon their true identities are thoroughly muddled.

A Police Commissioner's son comes under suspicion for being a jewel thief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Conrad T (nl) wrote: Story-wise it wasn't great. But to dog owners it might be soothing to their loss of they had any.

Tracey c (it) wrote: Although, to be honest, since this is going to be a concert, I would've loved to have seen Michael Crawford come back to the role, kind of like when Colm Wilkinson returned to the role of Valjean for the Les Mis 10th Anniversary concert. Sarah Brightman too maybe, but there's even less of a chance of her doing the concert than Michael doing it. Ramin's not a bad choice though, I do love his voice.

Brian C (mx) wrote: Camp Hell (or Camp Hope) had lots of potential, but sadly was quite boring and lacked any real tension. Story was quite good and the zealousness of the camp people was quite frightening and scary that parents would subject their kids to that.

Nicola G (ru) wrote: Oddly good, totally strange story but somehow it draws you in.

Vijay B (us) wrote: This movie exposes everything wrong with the American system of bureaucracy.

Angie F (it) wrote: How did I go my whole life without seeing this?!?!

Tanner M (jp) wrote: Wow! I love every single thing about this movie. All four of the stories, and the mini one at the start were all very Twilight zones have. I love how they got Burgess Meredith to narrarate the whole thing along with Rod Serlings voice at the end.

Joe C (br) wrote: Kurosawa's contemporary crime thriller is one of his relatively lesser-known efforts. Don't let the absence of swords and samurai amour put you off. The genre and time period may be out of Kurosawa's comfort zone, but the familiar themes of pride, integrity and loyalty are explored and the film is anchored once again by Toshiro Mifune (here a businessman whose son is kidnapped). High and Low is a film that expands its scope before you very eyes, as it begins as an intimate character study in a penthouse, and by the end swells into a nationwide manhunt for the bastard who kidnapped his son. Kurosawa's 99.99% monochromatic whodunnit proved himself a master of any genre he deigned to tackle. It is debatable whether he has ever made a better film. And that includes Seven Samurai.