Jezebel's Kiss

Jezebel's Kiss

Someone runs a woman (Katherine Barrese) off a beach road; she sleeps with a developer (Malcolm McDowell), his son and a sheriff to get even.

Young woman comes to a small town and starts to take vengeance through seduction and manipulation for the grave injustice that was done to her family a long time ago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jezebel's Kiss torrent reviews

l (es) wrote: i didnt get the movie.. im confused???????

Jason S (ru) wrote: This was a little better than the rules of attraction...same themes. a bit funnier, less depressing.

Jason G (ru) wrote: Inert. The female lead (Garai) has the interesting quality of appearing to be on the verge of crying at all times.

Martin W (br) wrote: Good story that tries to tell the viewer about the really necessary things in life. Quite emotional and great actings.

Harlot B (au) wrote: [color=#ff9900][font=Tahoma]My wife and I like laughing at schlock, but this one defines "going past good and back to bad." There's having fun with your amateur skills, and then there's telling yourself, and the audience, that money is the only thing keeping your work from being important.[/font][/color][color=#ff9900][font=Tahoma] [/font][/color][color=#ff9900][font=Tahoma]Stay away. No matter how masochistic you think you are. You'd have more fun watching a leper masturbate with a mirror.[/font][/color]

Maxwellgermainelivenl M (de) wrote: Purfect..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Sanjid P (fr) wrote: I'd find more interesting to see if the killer used some real Tarantulas (like the scene from Fulci's The Beyond) on his/her victims rather turn them as a defeated Tarantula against a killer wasp before the final knife-work. Anyway, it's still a fine Giallo indeed.

Anna B (us) wrote: Great fun. Hill's direction is fucking tight.

William W (it) wrote: Both a great chance to see two acting icons (one, Donald Pleasence, at his prime, and the other, Jennifer Connelly, just starting out on her filmic journey) and one of the films on director Argento's great run of horror classics, this is worth purchasing the finest print and will award the horror aficionado many great times in rewatches. Cinephiles often called Argento 'the Italian Alfred Hitchcock', and this would be a great Exhibit A for their evidence. Essential for connoisseurs of the arcane.