This movie proves that speaking truth is not always the right thing to do!!! As the title suggests that the movie is about a female (Rekha) who is a liar, and it is this female who shows how much lying can be a worthy quality. Nice movie with some good comedy. As in all Hrishikesh Mukherjee, the setting is a simple middle class family with ordinary existence. It is totally wonderful to see how Hrishikesh Mukherjee finds stories amongst all of us. Truly a mastermind.

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David L (nl) wrote: Not many good things I can say about the movie tho it IS better than his last ouvre Certified Copy but not less vexing because of the way he filmed the movie --it starts & doesn't change the reel until the very end. Some comedic moments with the Chatty Cathy next door & absolutely an ending that makes you go WTF

Brett B (br) wrote: Solid overall flick with some good character development and portrails that aren't common in most westerns. Kind of slow at times, but a decent ending sequence helps finish it off.

sharon m (it) wrote: This wasnt just your typical horror movie with people running around screaming and nothing much really happening. This had everything if you want to be really really creeped out and a little bit disturbed then you will love this. It scared the pants off me.

varada a (jp) wrote: i cried n cried n cried that i started laughing at my self... very good movie

Alexander C (es) wrote: ''New York is where everyone comes to be forgiven.''A group of New Yorkers get caught up in their romantic-sexual milieu converge at an underground salon infamous for its blend of art, music, politics, and carnality.Sook-Yin Lee: SofiaPaul Dawson: JamesLindsay Beamish: SeverinShortbus isn't for everyone, and if your prudish about things of a sexual nature then it's best to pass up on this maybe. Parents should send the kids to bed.It takes alot to shock me sexually personally, which to me is why Shortbus, i could see past the sex and see that this isn't what it's about. It's a small part of what SB truly is. Whats that you may wonder...Well it's a film which gives us an insight into a colourful array of characters each with their own fundamental problems in their lives, each trying to find an answer best relating to those problems, those factors.Sofia is a sex therapist who has never experienced an orgasm, which some women may take for granted but i guess there's a pleasure and sense missing without it. When shes under a Narnia-esque lamp post upon a bench. Its wonderful imagery, wonderful as Sofia tried to achieve that cosmic Pandora's Box implosion. It's not just straight couples analyzed but in Shortbus every aspect is analyzed. Three men in a three way relationship, a Dominatrix who's never had a serious relationship and a guy who doesn't know what he wants.Which brings me to what Shortbus is in short. It's a place where these people, many people go to find what their looking for inside themselves sexually as well as mentally. It's not just some excuse for a huge orgy which could be mistaken if your not watching carefully or immersing yourself in the interweaving story.I'm afraid Shortbus for me went very quickly due to my enjoyment of it. I don't think it's one i would watch over and over but definitely once and a while the issues it raises are very important in life, just not alot of people like to talk about these things openly in public discussions which is fair enough. If you have an open mind and don't take it the wrong way then give Shortbus a go.A character study, not just a sexual journey but one of awakening too.

Shan C (ca) wrote: A very good story and awesome stars

margaret e (gb) wrote: my cousion is pvt. dovermin in this movie i love this one

Franklin W (ru) wrote: One of the best Stephen Chow's movies. There are few Hong Kong comedies of this caliber lately.

Jeff V (mx) wrote: The critics hate it but I enjoyed it. It talks about the evils concurrent with a college sport becoming big business: intense pressure to win, intense recruiting competition, willingness of boosters to break the rules and athletic directors to look the other way, how everyone other then the student athlete himself exploits his ability for financial gain, and a man going down that slippery slope. Not nearly as good as North Dallas Forty but at least pointing in the same direction.

Rebecca F (ag) wrote: only enjoyable if you watched it first time round 20yrs ago

Joona K (jp) wrote: Suomennettuna "Vuoden 13. kuukausi", epilemtt yksi Fassbinderin olennaisimmista ohjauksista. Eptasainen ja pitk pljys, mutta puutteineenkin tuulettaa pt tehokkaasti. Teknisesti melkein ylittmttmn kirkasta elokuvaa - ja ajatuksellisestikin tmn leffan tapa kuvata riippuvuussuhteita ja inhimillisi heikkouksia on uniikki.

Adam F (nl) wrote: A must see, if only for the cheesy hippie sentimentality of the ending. I'd have given it five stars, but thats a rating I reserve for true works of art like Sleepaway Camp.

Joshua S (au) wrote: Yes Nick Frost I have seen Bad Boys 2.

Stella D (es) wrote: i'm pretty sure this is a horror film. it's creepy as hell. director todd haynes walks a tightrope here. we never know for sure whose side he's on. it's verging on parody at some points but never quite. and the sound design is awesome. chilling from the first scene. i see a lot of comments about frustratingly slow pace and tbh it took me more than one sitting but i found it fascinating in the main

Cricket L (de) wrote: if you can OWN a room full of bad guys with a credit card, you deserve 4 stars.

jesse m (ru) wrote: It's flawed, but it rocks hard.