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Ji mi zhong an zhi zhi ming you huo


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Howard C (jp) wrote: If you have not seen this movie, you must, immediately. It's just a good all around movie. It also stars Zooey Deschanel, which is win, AND the tripping teenager from Super Troopers.

Joseph G (gb) wrote: Its a near perfect movie but I guess the CGI should've been better.

Simon S (ru) wrote: Wtf? They made a sequel to this tripe? Has the movie industry finally run out of ideas?

Joel N (au) wrote: What a weird film. Not sure if it wants to be a sci-fi or romance film, this movie careens back and forth between both. Much of Sorvino's performance works, and Willem Dafoe is amazing, but it's as if the movie would work better in David Lynch's hands.

taken (br) wrote: love it auesome movie fab omg love it they get married

Tom D (ca) wrote: This is a different role for Paul Newman, he has a lot of fun with it. This is an entertaining movie that has a good mix of comedy/politics. Newman really stands out from the rest of the cast in this film.

Heather N (ca) wrote: Haha, this appeals to me since my mom and I recently went on a real college road trip... it sounds really cheesy, tho'. Oh well, nothin' wrong w/ that once in a while I guess.

Dwight M (ru) wrote: funny as hell.....gotta have it

Jamie C (br) wrote: Another very underrated Tony Scott film staring the much loved Denzel Washington, It Is a film of two halves, The first half is slow in places but the chemistry between Denzel and Dakota was brilliant and watching them build a bond was a very nice touch, Then when the inevitable happened the film got much darker and went very violent as it turns into a revenge movie, The action was good, The plot twists were predictable but apart from that it's brilliantly acted and deserved way more praise from critics.

Jason G (it) wrote: I found this pretty funny.